Want to lose your base, Mr. President? Follow Congressional Republicans’ lead.

There are few certainties in life. Circumstances change and evolve. But thankfully, there are a few things in this crazy world on which we can depend.  Water is wet, the sun will rise in the morning, Democrats will blame weather on a climate hoax, and Republicans will continue to screw over their base.

The ExcuseMakers: Republican Speaker Paul Ryan and Leader Mitch McConnell

It’s now a running joke the lengths to which Republicans will shirk from their promises. Remember these oldies but goodies?

In 2010, Republicans said, “Well, we need the House in order to stop Obama.” The voters gave them the House.

Then it was, “Well, we need the Senate to actually get anything accomplished.” The voters gave them the Senate.

THEN, when Republicans were failing to thwart anything Obama was fundamentally transforming, they said, “Well we need a Republican president.” The voters gave them the presidency.

Now their excuse seems to be, “Well, this isn’t the right President.”

President Trump based a large part of his campaign on ending—or at least dramatically curtailing—illegal immigration. To accomplish this, we would build a wall along our southern border, end taxpayer goodies for illegals, crack down on employers who hire illegals, and eliminate the 100% unlawful program known as DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals). Barack Obama had originally said he was not legally able to implement such a program, but did it anyway—with complete compliance from the media and only feigned outrage from Republicans.


For the entirety of this unlawful program, Republicans play-acted stomping their feet and reiterating the illegality of DACA. They vowed to stop its implementation. For seven years we have waited.

For seven years we waited as parents in central America sent toddlers over the Mexican border in order to grab a piece of taxpayer benefits. They knew that amnesty for these “dreamers” was just a matter of time. And then, with America’s current and insane chain migration policy, they too could take advantage.

Come one, come all!

Of course, our heartstrings are supposed to go out to parents who willingly put their children in harm’s way and sent them over the border of Central America and Mexico. Of course! We’re not supposed to care that our border patrol basically became the Burrito and Diaper Brigade for these hundreds of thousands of people flooding over our southern border illegally. Or, for that matter, that our already overburdened education and health care systems would have to accommodate scores of non-English speaking illegal immigrants—all paid for by the American taxpayer.

Just some of the tens of thousands of kids the Parents of the Year in Mexico and Central America sent over the Mexican border. #ICant

The vast majority of DACA “recipients” live in California and are from Mexico (surprise, surprise!). But 10% of these illegals live in Houston, where last week, Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston Independent School District Superintendent Richard Carranza vowed to “Stand up for Dreamers” by shelling out more taxpayer money to them. Note to HISD: imagine how many tutors and aides you could hire to help American students with the money promised to illegal aliens?

Amazing isn’t it? When a lawless president, like Barack Obama, illegally usurps power and grants blanket amnesty to so-called “dreamers,” more illegals flood in!

Cut to President-elect Donald Trump who swore he would get rid of DACA and build a big beautiful wall on our southern border.

It’s nine months in and the wall has not been started, or substantially funded. We keep hearing things about prototypes and $3 billion being allotted, but no action so far. On DACA, however, he did act. Sorta. He eliminated the unlawful program, but then immediately punted it back to Congress—where dreams of amnesty are already dancing through the heads of the reconstituted Gang of Eight.

No doubt Ivanka, Jared, and Gary Cohn (along with the other Swamp Dwellers President Trump is still employing) whispered in his ear that these blameless children “deserved” amnesty and who better to place blame for any sort of forgiveness program but Congress?

Primary all RINOs and make them extinct! #DrainTheSwamp

What President Trump should have done is eliminate DACA completely–but that is a subject for another day.

The Republicans, who seem to forget that the American people want the Trump agenda and not their watered-down version, have six months to come up with a “solution”—which, if past is any prologue, will piss off 95% of their base.

Because as we have seen in the past, Republican solutions generally involve amnesty and screwing over American citizens and LEGAL immigrants who actually follow our laws.

They have shown time and again they want nothing to do with the Trump agenda, therefore I fully expect them to write some ridiculous amnesty bill and set it in front of the President’s face to sign.

If Trump doesn’t want to lose the only voters he’s got, he would be wise to stamp “VETO” any such bill and send it back to Congress.

Getting wishy-washy and crying sympathy for the plight of the “poor children” is a slap in the face to law-abiding Americans and immigrants who come to this country by following existing immigration law. Liberal Democrats are the manipulative Machiavellis who use children as props–and now, Congressional Republicans are doing the same thing so as not to not enforce our immigration laws! 

President Trump should understand that any kind of amnesty for anybody who came here illegally will rip his base from him more surely than anything else ever could.

Get this through your heads, Republicans. We do not want DACA. We do not want amnesty for illegals. We want the wall built—YESTERDAY.

The Republicans are going to have to learn the hard way by losing their jobs during primary season that the American people are more than fed up.

#RESIST this!!!! Not current immigration laws which protect AMERICANS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

For the love of all that is holy: we put DONALD TRUMP in office–the ultimate outsider! What more proof do these lily-livered RINOs expect or want? When will they understand we are beyond disgusted with their never-ending lies and excuses? When will they learn we have had enough of being taken advantage of every two years during election season?

These non-starters had seven years to try and stop Obama and now that we have a Republican president who is actually willing to do something about illegal immigration, they are dragging their feet.

It’s obvious they don’t want the Trump agenda, and it will be up to the American people to primary these weak, pathetic “leaders” out of office.

But: and this is key. Trump needs to understand the peril he faces if he amnesties anybody. It will not go over well with the people who put him in office—and that’s putting it mildly.

Better start dancing with the one who brought you to the party, President Trump.



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