What in God’s name was THAT yesterday?

I am as perplexed as any Trump supporter could be this week. For the last two years I’ve heard nothing except how Donald Trump–if elected–would build a big, beautiful wall along our southern border, end chain migration, end the visa lottery, and implement sane, merit-based immigration policies.

Somebody please explain what I witnessed Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the live, bipartisan immigration meeting held for the Trump-hating media’s benefit was ostensibly used to counterbalance the outrageous claims made in Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury”.

Some of Wolff’s allegations are that Trump, depending on the audience, vacillates back and forth between positions, has no control over anything, and is basically a senile lunatic.

For me, Wolff’s poorly-sourced anecdotes seemed to have no ring of truth until yesterday.

Trump flanking himself with not one but TWO Democrat stooges—Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Steny Hoyer—was the start to this very disturbing charade.

Trump flanked by two high-ranking Democrat Swamp Creatures: Dick Durbin and Steny Hoyer. Shudder.

Granted, at the beginning of the meeting, he sounded like the President Trump for whom I voted. He said we WILL build a border wall, and he wants merit-based immigration in addition to the end of chain migration and end of the visa lottery. All of these things must occur if the so-called “Dreamers” (some as old as 38 years old with criminal records, by the way) receive legal status under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

However, as the meeting wore on, he seemed to flip-flop–literally from one sentence to the next.

When California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is no illegal immigration hawk by any stretch, had to bring the president back to focus on the promises he made, there’s a problem.

Before McCarthy stepped in, Diane Feinstein had gone for the old Democrat rope-a-dope from time immemorial: Give us everything we want and then, much later, we’ll go back and give you a crumb. Maybe.

Remember who you’re fighting, Mr. President.

Trump AGREED with Feinstein—indicating he would sign WHATEVER THOSE GOOD PEOPLE SEND HIM and there would be a “clean” DACA bill! (“Clean” means: no enforcement, no wall, no substantial immigration changes.)

(Side note: whatever happened to candidate Donald Trump who got us to chant “Drain the Swamp”? Now he’s TRUSTING the Swamp Creatures to do the right thing?! Are you kidding me?!)

Unexpected hero Rep. McCarthy had to reel Trump back and remind him about his promises to the American people: that NO deal would be done without a border wall, we must end chain migration and the visa lottery, and implement the RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment) Act.

For all of his promises, it seems as if Trump is falling for the old “Bipartisanship” lie. Why in the world does the GOP wring their hands and try and hand over the store to Democrats when they control LITERALLY every elected branch of government?

Remember these?

Did Barack Obama ever negotiate with Republicans? Never. In fact, when he and Democrats were shoving Obamacare down our throats, he told assembled Republicans: I won and you lost. And Obamacare thus became the Chucky Doll that will never die.

For all the commitments the Republican Party makes on immigration – not to mention everything else–at the end of the day, they are wholly ineffective. Watching President Trump kowtow to radical immigration liberals yesterday sounded all of my alarms.

The only people President Trump should be listening to on immigration are Stephen Miller, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Sen. Tom Cotton, and Sec. Sonny Purdue. That’s it.

If President Trump flip-flops on immigration, he will lose me—and I won’t be the only one.

Mr. President: there are three basic truths you need to understand.

  1. The media hates you. No matter what you do, they will hate you.
  2. The Democrats hate you. No matter what you do, they will hate you.
  3. Your base—the American People—will not abandon you if you keep your promises. But they MUST be kept.

Make book on this right now. Caving on immigration—in any way–is the one thing that will separate Trump from his voters.

He would be wise to listen.

P.S. When Jeb Bush is praising your modified immigration stance, watch out.

Betray us at your peril.

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