I have often believed that the modern Democrat party is full of anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-progress troglodytes.

Anti-progress unless, of course, you’re speaking of a gender-confused person’s inability to choose which bathroom to use. Then I’d say Democrats believe in “progress.”

Progress! I don’t…I mean…what is this?

Last week, we had two glaring examples of just how far Democrats have fallen from the days of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy.

During President Trump‘s State of the Union address, which was approved by around 75% of Americans who watched it (and that includes 43% of Democrat voters), elected Democrats scowled, sat on their hands, and, in Nancy Pelosi’s case, sucked on her dentures.

In a direct slap to Democrats and their obsession with illegal alien “dreamers”, President Trump reminded us that we are a nation of laws and that “Americans are dreamers too.”


In contrast, Democrats cling to the hope of making future voters out of the seemingly never-ending flow of illegals, MS-13 gang members, and great aunts twice-removed brought to America by chain migration.

Normal Americans do not want what Democrats are selling. President Trump is the first president who has put his finger on the pulse of what the majority of Americans want to see done with immigration – both legal and illegal.

Democrats are laboring under the delusion the American people want more DACA “dreamers”. So, when President Trump said his first responsibility was to American citizens, Democrats just could not abide such truth.

Constipated Steny Hoyer and Denture-sucking Nancy Pelosi at SOTU18

When President Trump highlighted two sets of Long Island African-American parents whose daughters had been brutally raped and murdered by illegals in MS-13, Democrats sat—while the rest of the chamber erupted with emotion and support.

When President Trump talked about how we are a nation under God, stand for the National Anthem, and revere our Constitution, Democrats gave a collective eye-roll. How parochial, after all. Of course, if President Trump praised Islam as a great religion of peace, Democrats would have exploded in applause.

When President Trump highlighted the great economic gains we have made and how tax reform—passed by Republicans only–is paying dividends, Democrats could’ve cared less.

But to me, the most egregious snub came at the end of the State of the Union. When President Trump spotlighted the heartbreaking and inspirational story of Ji Seong-ho, a North Korean defector who lost a leg and endured the horrors of the Kim regime, Democrats yawned.

Ji-Seong ho, a North Korean defector that Democrats snubbed.

Later in the week, with the long-anticipated release of the Devin Nunes/Trey Gowdy-authored memo which highlights just how corrupt and politicized Obama’s FBI and Department of Justice was, Democrats and their praetorian guard media looked the other way.

They also played “nothing to see here” after the second Senate memo, authored by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley, connected Barack Obama’s State Department and Clinton World’s Sidney Blumenthal to Christopher Steele and the phony Trump Dossier.

We used to have a foundation of equal justice under the law grounded in the Constitution. Not so much anymore.

Den of Rogues. #TickTock

Because of Democrat deception, there is now proof that the top-secret FISA court granted FULL SURVEILLANCE on American citizens—including the duly-elected future President of the United States.

The evidence the compromised FBI upper echelon produced? An entirely FAKE dossier (or multiple dossiers, as evidence would suggest) fully- funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee—and aided and abetted by Barack Obama and his henchmen.

The dossier was used as the prima facie evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Reps. Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy–patriots who are clawing their way to the truth.

The memo’s shady origins were purposefully downplayed when bringing the FISA warrant to the judge, and we now know that the surveillance would NOT have been granted without the phony and unverified Trump Dossier.

Democrats—AND the media–fought tooth and nail to NOT release the Nunes/Gowdy memo. Their reasoning? Why, there could be intelligence methods revealed in the document! People will DIE!

(Side note: there can’t be intelligence methods revealed when the Trump dossier has been proven to be a work of bad, B-movie fiction.)

And how about Democrats’—and the media’s–reaction when the damning, four-page memo (based on supporting documents we soon surely will see) was released?

It alternated with “This is treason” (more projection, I might add) to “This is a nothingburger” (it’s far, FAR from that).

It used to be the media wanted to expose the truth of what was happening behind the scenes in our government. After all, they fell over themselves to publish pictures of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. The publication of those images put our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in extreme danger.

They could not wait to publish top-secret information contained in the Pentagon Papers during Nixon’s administration. In fact, the Tom Hanks/Meryl Streep movie The Post–a self-serving “aren’t we martyrs to the truth”—is in theaters now!

In the past, those same glory-hungry media stars were heralded as heroes for digging for the truth.

Now, there is indisputable proof – and the supporting documents will expose it – that the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with some in the politicized, FBI leadership to rig an election.


The media could care less.

This is the rigging of the 2016 election that took place – not the farce of the fake Trump-Russia probe.

Democrats are whining that they want the Rep. Adam Schiff memo made public. Fine! Release everything.

Release the supporting evidence, release the Democrat response, release it all.

I suspect Democrats won’t have to wait long. Republicans won’t play like Democrats and throw a fit about releasing Schiff’s memo—like Democrats did to Republicans.

After all, the House and Senate memos are only Phase One. There are many more promised revelations to come.

Be careful what you wish for, Democrats. And by all means – please stay true to form. You have exposed your anti-American, anti-truth agenda more than any Republican ever could.

Release the hounds!


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