In this report by Local 2 News in Houston (Click2Houston), Angela Box and Tom Adkins hold a press conference to address the false and malicious press release from Quanell X where he says she used the “n-word” and other racial slurs.

She even provides a copy of the press release issues by Quanell X and categorically denies every saying this quote or using the slurs included.

Tom Adkins followed up by offering $1000 to Quanell X if he could prove that Angela Box made these statements.

“If he does not accept this challenge, I reserve the right to call Quanell X a liar forever. In fact, I’ll call him ‘Quanell Liar’ every time I refer to him for the rest of his life,” said Adkins.

Quanell X offered $1,000 if Box would openly debate him.

In addition, the Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) got involved. This is recognized as a terrorist organization by some, but they asked Houston Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Terry Grier to investigate Angela Box in the classroom and he did just that by putting a monitor in her classroom.

The full video is below, but this quote pretty much sums things up..

“Disagreeing with the president of the United States or sounding the alarm about radical Islam is not racist,” said Box.

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