This week, Donna Brazile, former paid Clinton minion, will release a book called Hacks. Irony in the title notwithstanding, the book chronicles how Hillary Clinton worked with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to rig the 2016 Democrat primary election. Just like Trump said, and for which he was mercilessly mocked.

Donna’s coming for you, Hillary!

Remember all the Democrat squawking about Russia hacking the DNC? It wasn’t the Russians who hacked the DNC. The leaker was probably a disgruntled employee (cough Seth Rich cough cough) who contacted Wikileaks and Julian Assange with the proof that Hillary and the DNC were scheming to steal the primary from Crazy Bernie. In fact, on multiple occasions, Assange said it was NOT a “state actor” (read: Russia) who gave his organization the dirt.

Despite Bernie Sanders having almost Trump-like rallies and enthusiasm through the roof among the great unwashed of the Democrat base, Hillary Clinton easily locked up the nomination.

Bernie Sanders: permanent cuck

And now we know why. As with most things Clinton, she cheated.

Of course, Bernie Sanders went along with all of it. Remember how the avowed socialist bought a $600,000 lake house shortly after the primary was finished? Oh, you didn’t hear about that? Imagine that. The media buried it. Trust me: it happened.

Donna recalls how she lit candles and listened to gospel music before calling Bernie Sanders to let him know that Team Hillary and the DNC rigged the election, and she had proof.

Heeerrre’s Hillary!

It’s funny that her moral outrage did not keep her from feeding Hillary Clinton questions during one of the presidential debates. At the time, Donna worked for CNN and was busted leaking questions to Hillary before the debate.

The only thing that surprises me is that Donna wrote this book at all. Evidently, she must’ve smelled some chum in the water. And with the drip-drip-drip about the Clintons’ connections to Uranium One and the Fusion GPS fake Trump dossier, she’d be right.

But like the dreaded cockroach, the Clintons never die. Whatever deal Bill and Hillary made with Satan back at Yale is still going strong. At some point, you would think it would have to have an expiration date. #Nope.

This past weekend Donna was roundly criticized by her fellow Democrats (both media and party apparatchiks) for DARING to expose the truth.

They have completely thrown Donna under the bus. No matter what, liberals will defend the Clinton cretins. In fact, Robby Mook, Hillary’s former campaign manager, is now accusing Donna of being a Russian operative! That’s right—Donna Brazile–a lifelong Democrat hack–is now colluding with Russia because….I’m not exactly sure why. Probably just to keep a good woman like Hillary Clinton oppressed.

Donna Brazile in her best “casual power” pose

Do they—Democrats in and out of the media–ever hold to account the Clintons’ nefarious actions? Of course not. Democrats are sheep and always—ALWAYS–circle the wagons.

The Clintons don’t play. My advice to Donna? Hire a bodyguard or ten. Like, YESTERDAY. Someone probably should have given that advice to Seth Rich before it was too late.

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