Monday was Columbus Day–or as whining, sniveling liberals like to call it now–Indigenous People’s Day.

As promised, the tantruming brats of Antifa made good on their promise to deface Columbus statues–because rampant graffiti and vandalism will certainly turn public opinion their way.

President Trump’s Columbus Day statement was nothing short of a shot across the bow to the rampant, creeping leftism that is gradually taking over rational thought in this country.

President Trump’s statement was straightforward and bold.

The biggest #Trigger of them all!

(See entire statement here:

He said, in part (and here’s what really set off the Left), “The permanent arrival of Europeans to the Americas was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation.”

Oh, no he di’int! #Racist #WhiteSupremacy #WhitePrivilege 

The reaction from the Left and media (same difference) was swift and hilarious. On what did the media focus? Why, that President Trump did not ONCE mention Native Americans or indigenous people that the evil white man displaced!

They were positively outraged about how much President Trump deviated from the Columbus Day statements serial America apologist Barack Obama used to make. Ah, the good ole days!

Liberals like to claim that everything was peaceful and harmonious in the New World—that is, until the evil white man came and gave smallpox to the Indians, raped their women, and converted them all to Christianity after murdering thousands of them.

Some of the hilarious media headlines about Trump’s Columbus Day statement

The reality of the situation is much more complex. While certainly the way leaders of the day treated Native Americans is often shameful and brutal, no society or culture is without its warts. The fact is, Indian tribes were usually at war against each other over land and resources, and were merciless when they captured the enemy. They were also savage towards the white man who had come in to settle the land.

No one is saying that America’s history is without blemishes. But without Christopher Columbus, America as we know her today would not exist. Because of Christopher Columbus, Europeans began settling the New World and bringing with it innovation and ideas that had not existed previously.

The Left is nothing if not consistent.

Much to the chagrin of liberals, by introducing Christianity in the New World, human sacrifice and other pagan and bloodthirsty practices were brought to an end.

Without Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims would never have set foot on Plymouth Rock and begun the great experiment known as America.

We are great nation because of men like Christopher Columbus. Was he perfect? Of course not. He had glaring faults and hypocrisies, like most men and women do. But what is remarkable is that he set into motion a chain of dominoes that brought us the greatest country the world has ever known.

Was he perfect? Of course not. But thank GOD for Christopher Columbus!

Before Christopher Columbus and European settlers, people were literally living in caves and teepees. Scalping the enemy was a common practice. Neither Christopher Columbus nor European settlers introduced brutality into the New World. Man is many things, and sometimes terribly brutal is one of them. It doesn’t matter what skin color or language you speak: human beings have always been brutal to one another.

So when liberals like to scream about how racist Christopher Columbus is and how President Trump is signifying white supremacy by not acknowledging indigenous people, it’s a complete lie. It is the Left which in the process of whitewashing (for lack of a better word) history.

They are removing Confederate statues, supporting the pampered NFL brats who are disrespecting the Flag and the National Anthem, and teaching in school about how rotten the white man is and how white privilege is the source of all evil in the world. Among a multitude of other things.

If only these people could be honest and recognize the greatness that Christopher Columbus brought by accidentally discovering America. But they never will–because to do so would be to admit their motivations are wholly political.

Donald Trump, by acknowledging the magnificent contributions of Christopher Columbus and subsequent European settlers is staking a claim to revive pride in America. And I love it.

Fear not, Patriots: the more the Left freaks out, the easier Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020. Make book on it now.



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