While all the facts are not clear about the motives of Stephen Paddock, the deadliest mass killer in United States history, I am surmising he wasn’t some right-wing conservative. However, nothing stops a good leftist from immediately demanding repeal of the Second Amendment and re-classification of the NRA as a terrorist organization!

59 were murdered and 537 injured by madman Stephen Paddock during the Route 91 Harvest massacre

So far, an obvious motive for mowing down 59 and injuring 537 at the country music Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas is not understood. But he may have left a note, so let’s see what that contains. The authorities are slow-walking any information about this case, and I find that very peculiar.

Authorities are saying they’re still not clear on the motives of mass-murderer Stephen Paddock

Probably, at least for this week, the ridiculous #TakeAKnee antics of millionaire ball handlers in the NFL will be mercifully silenced.

But they’ll be back!

Each week or month I receive—FOR FREE—Us Weekly, People, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, and In Style. The fact I receive these magazines for free should show  in how much financial turmoil these companies are—and I submit it’s all due to their overwhelming left-wing tilt and bias.

For example, take the Obama slobbering every.single.solitary magazine and morning show and newscast did for eight years.  Piece after glowing piece about how wonderful the family was! How their daughters were so beautiful, brilliant, and well-behaved! How Michelle was such a style icon–and those arms! And, let’s not forget: how Obama is the perfect picture of a modern-day President who still encounters so much hate and racism on a daily basis. Womp waaahhhhmp.


I mean…look at this slobbering mess




Complete and utter garbage.

Contrast this with Donald Trump and his family. The near lowest of the media barrel NBC even admits (in their own study) how biased the media is regarding #45 and his family.

Did anyone EVER ask domestic-terrroist loving Obama who HE really was?!

Trump, his administration, and his family have received 5% positive coverage since becoming President. Night after night, the Swampified media and what passes for the entertainment industry make horrific, blanket, inflammatory statements about President Trump, his motivations, his intelligence, and his voters.

Screaming and tantruming: hallmarks of the Left

Just a few months ago Rep. Steve Scalice and other Republicans were almost gunned down by a member of the lunatic radical fringe while practicing for a charity baseball game. The shooter had been ginned up to hate Republicans by the corrupt, oppressively biased media, Hollywood, Antifa, elected Democrats, and other psycho leftists.

Secrets and Lies? Kinda like everything in People Magazine…

These cultural elites persist in the defamatory smearing of conservatives and the average Trump voter—calling us racist, sexist, genocidal, fascistic, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. You literally cannot watch television or open a newspaper or magazine without either covert or overt malignant slandering of half of America taking place.

Anecdotally, when I look at pictures of President Trump, the First Lady, or the Trump family in the rapidly dying Us Weekly or People Magazine, they are always–and I mean ALWAYS–unretouched and have awkward looks or scowls on their faces.

When Us Weekly ran a cover on Melania Trump after Hurricane Harvey, they basically took the worst unretouched picture they could find and slapped it on the cover. It was such a disgrace and a major departure from how they treated Michelle Obama–who grifted from the American taxpayer for eight, long years.

Unflattering and an obvious hit-job against Melania

In both Us Weekly and People Magazine last week, there was a celebration of the pampered millionaires who took a knee over imaginary racism and police brutality.

Right now, the NFL is dealing with the biggest backlash they could possibly imagine because of their support of these America-hating asshats infamously led by ex-quarterback and Human Muppet Colin Kaepernick .

But don’t tell that to Jess Cagle, Editor-in-Chief of People Magazine, who found pictures of smug, obnoxious celebrities who also took a knee in solidarity with these ignorant, undereducated prima donnas.

Ignorant celebrities and the awful, Sharia Law-loving Linda Sarsour #TakeAKnee

(Here’s the over-the-top, nausea-inducing article here: http://people.com/celebrity/its-that-easy-celebrities-shoe-support-for-nfl-players-protesting-against-trump-with-takeaknee/amp/)

The irony is, of course, the Left has wanted to destroy the NFL for a very long time and they are now getting their wish.

In every glossy which celebrates the Kardashians (also known as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), traditional America is bashed and maligned. Their bias is pervasive and pretty much 100% on every page, including the letters-to-the-editor these magazines print. No conservative points of view EVER make it to the Letters page.

Is it any wonder why the media industry is tanking?

None of this is a shock to conservatives and normal Americans who have paid attention to how the culture and society at large has attempted a seismic leftward shift over the last 20 to 30 years. But now, people are getting hurt because of these offenders’ endless barrage of hatred towards conservatives and traditional America.

But by all means magazine editors, news anchors, and media conglomerates! Keep up your constant hatred of normal America. We will continue to tune you out and/or receive your products for free. They make fantastic bird cage liners.

And if we do happen to find out that Stephen Paddock’s motive was leftist and/or radical Islamic in nature, the gloves are off. Because, guess what? Those innocent people’s blood will be on your hands.



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