It doesn’t matter which way you slice it. The scoundrels of #MeToo are BY FAR leftists, liberals, and Democrats. I’m sure the modern-day suffragettes of the Women’s March wearing #PussyHats and foam vaginas would be the first to disavow their heroes!

Yeah right.

A modern-day suffragette no doubt horrified by the actions of their #DearLeaders

Every day now the liberal media seems to be playing whack-a-mole with the latest fellow leftist accused of some sort of sexual impropriety.

As with most scandals involving liberals, the worst of the worst reside among their own ranks—with very few public calls of “Resign!” or “Fire him!”

Liberals (and many Republicans) have been screeching, “What about Roy Moore?” However, these same liberals make excuses and bend over backwards to defend their accused perverts.

Does Newsweek give up the ghost on the real motivation behind #MeToo? To finally ensnare Trump? #GoodLuck

It was a shot across the bow when Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore emphatically denied any wrongdoing from forty years ago. He then demanded Gloria Allred–one of his accuser’s attorney—release a yearbook in which his accuser said he wrote a personal note. To this day Gloria Allred has not responded, nor has she released said yearbook to be investigated by handwriting and ink analysts.

If Moore did nothing wrong, I am 100% behind him. But if he did, he needs to go. So far he is staying put, much to the chagrin of establishment types who’ve demanded his pound of flesh.

Now, in addition to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton finally getting somewhat dragged across the coals, we have Al Franken, John Conyers, Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, the Pixar Guy, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Stone, Jeffrey Tambor, Terry Richardson, Charlie Sheen, Glenn Thrush, Mark Halperin, Jan Wenner, and assorted other liberals being accused of doing decidedly un-progressive things to female staffers, fans, and colleagues.

Just a few of the gents accused in the #MeToo saga

I’m sure that continues to be but the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, the New York Times published an op-ed by a dyed-in-the-wool lefty who said she finally believed Juanita Broderick’s claims of rape against Bill Clinton–for the first time in 30 years. How the worm has turned.

The cries of #MeToo are now deafening. And while nobody should be rape-shamed or any kind of -shamed because they came forward, each claim should be vetted before convicting anyone, either professionally or in the court of public opinion. 

(Side note: this whole notion of “-shamed” reeks of the snowflake culture: i.e. body-shamed, rape shamed, slut-shamed, etc. I’m not a fan of using the lexicon of lunatics. Just saying.)

And while I have no doubt that most of these people coming forward are telling the truth, we must make distinctions between everyday male and female interaction, a slightly untoward gesture (rubbing up against someone), and actual rape and assault.

To wit: I’m fairly certain that great grandpa George H.W. Bush butt-grabbing in his wheelchair does not constitute a clear and present danger. 

Great Grandpa President Bush in his wheelchair

But when you have Congressmen paying off accusers, Senators groping radio personalities, verifiable rape allegations against Bill Clinton, waitress sandwiches between Ted Kennedy and Pat Lahey, etcetera and ad nauseum, there does seem to be a common denominator with most of these cases.

Barring a few exceptions, most of these men are far-left liberals.

And because they are liberals, they have been protected for sometimes decades. Because they believe in abortion on demand, gay marriage, LGBTQXYZ, gun control, redistribution of wealth, and the hoax of climate change, they are protected by the same liberals in the media who are now also being accused of harassment–and worse.

This is not to say Republicans don’t have our creeps: we certainly do. I’m not excusing any untoward behavior towards any person. As they say–no still means no. 

But the rush to remove Roy Moore from the Senate race in Alabama does not jibe with the less-than-hysterical outcry we have heard against liberal Democrats. That lack of outcry is also coming from the Republican side…mainly from establishment RINOs.

Embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore refutes all forty-year-old accusations against him

All of these people who have used their power and influence to harass, stalk, assault, or rape women, girls, boys, and men should be held to account. Depending on the severity, major consequences should be meted out.

But what continues to gnaw at me is the way an accusation now carries the weight of a conviction. We must make very clear that an accusation is not a conviction. Investigation should be undertaken to determine veracity. Lumping all of these actions together cheapens and diminishes true sexual misconduct, rape, and assault.

Bill Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick, shortly before she accused him of violently raping her

Otherwise, we are treading into Salem Which Trial territory, where every man is a predator, every woman is a victim–and “victims” never lie.

Let’s get to the bottom of all of this. People’s livelihoods are at stake, in addition to all the people who work with the accused. We’re talking about entire production crews and casts who will be suddenly unemployed. We are speaking of staffs of Congressmen who suddenly will be in the soup line. Investigate diligently–but do not rush to judgment.

Of course, 30 years after the detestable Clintons entered the national and world stage, we are still dealing with their filth. They certainly helped to usher in this environment of harassment. But the Clintons were not the first, nor will they be the last.

Let’s hope this raised level of awareness (again, this sounds a little snowflakey) prevents these kinds of things from happening to other people.

And let’s finally relegate the ubiquitous casting couch into the dustbin of history.



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