File under: #RedWhiteAndBoo.

This week, every Tom, Dick, Harry and Ann Coulter most likely will be writing about the rapid demise of the NFL and how the coddled Black Lives Matter acolytes infecting the league have aggressively ratcheted up their hatred of America.

Last season’s ridiculous antics started by the Human Muppet / former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (who, no doubt, will be “pity hired” by one of the cuckolded team owners any day now), have this season trickled down to even Pee Wee Football leagues.

Ignorant millionaires protesting….I’m not really sure.

The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” / “Amerikkka is racist” meme is a dangerous lie perpetrated by these fake First Amendment braintrusts. They’re “taking a knee” to protest….hmmm….cops? Whitey? Decency? Our military? Nobody is really sure anymore.

But NOTHING has rallied conservatives and normal people more than what the Left is attempting to do to our flag and national heritage.  

The biggest takeaway from the #TakeTheKnee spectacle by pampered athletes who are now attempting to kill their golden goose—many of whom escaped poverty (in Democrat-run inner cities) BECAUSE of football–is that the Left will do anything to destroy America.

And as is also always the case, the Left uses the cudgel of racism and racehustling to scare normal people into silence and capitulation.

In the battle of Trump vs. the Human Muppet, TRUMP wins.

Now, by “normal people” I don’t mean “white people,” so please take a seat, leftists. By normal people, I mean people who love and revere America’s founding and the opportunity it has provided to hundreds of millions since its inception.

No other country on earth was founded like America–with the principles of self-governance, belief in the free market, Judeo-Christian values, and equality before the law.

But don’t tell that to a leftist. So committed are they to paint every normal person as a racist, they all, in lockstep, accused President Trump of giving a “dog whistle” to his base when he urged team owners to fire any of those “sons of bitches” who disrespected America by not standing for the National Anthem.

Ratings and attendance for the NFL are TANKING. Methinks the owners took the wrong side.

The Left constantly shrieks about slavery, KKK, and Jim Crow Laws (sidenote: Democrat institutions, all). They want to pretend we still live in a time where black people pick cotton, drink out of different water fountains and are forced to the backs of buses.

The fact is, our brilliant and divinely-inspired Founding Fathers understood that no man is perfect, nor is any government.  But to an overwhelming degree, the United States of America has been a force for good around the world since the beginning.

No other country on earth has done more good without taking anything for it—and often sacrificing our bravest to the cause of promoting freedom, justice, liberty, and safety in hellholes large and small.

When people from all over the planet are often literally almost killing themselves trying to get into this country–both legally and illegally–how can it be so racist and awful as the Left would have you believe?

Fact: the Left wants to remake America in its own image. That is what Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” was all about.  The racial terrorists in Black Lives Matter and other miscreant leftist groups are comprised not only of cynical racehustlers, but avowed communists and far-left lunatics. They receive their funding by rich leftists—billionaire George Soros comes to mind—who seek to destroy this country.

Steeler and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was a hero to many when he defied his team and stood for the Anthem. 24 hours later, he backtracked for BEING NORMAL.

When Donald Trump called out the “sons of bitches” who are disrespecting this country and the men and women who have died for the flag, normal America stood up and cheered. It is only the godless freaks on the Left and in the media who are bludgeoning normal people over the head with fake claims of racism.

It is the Left who is racist.

It is the Left who seeks identity politics over unity. They categorize people as if they are chattel, not individuals.

Are you gay, straight, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, disabled, able-bodied, privileged, under-privileged, overprivileged, white privileged? Are you transgender, transitioning, zaftig lesbian on Tuesdays, or spunky homosexual male on Friday nights? No matter what label you would like to ascribe to yourself, the Left has a group in which to stick you!

Identity politics is all the Left has.

Their divisive nature is tearing America apart. It is NOT President Trump who is divisive: it is the Left. Make no mistake about it.

Football used to the one of the few things which could unite all Americans. Not anymore.

The owners, Commissioner Roger Goodell, racehustling players, and the leftists who now parasitically infect the NFL host body (including Joe Lockhart, current Minister of Propaganda and former Clinton press secretary) have bitten off more than they can chew.

Their ratings are tanking. Their revenue is shrinking. The American people are disgusted with these pampered, bratty, under-educated, ignorant fools who spit on the country which allowed them to become multimillionaires for running down a field, throwing and catching a ball, and sometimes tackling other players.

Let that sink in.

As the saying goes, the worm is turning. The Left thinks every so-called controversy will destroy Trump and his base of support.

Once again they have it all wrong, and if the 2020 election were held today, President Trump would win by an even larger margin.

We are onto you, leftists. And now, even your average Joe and Jane consumer sees you for exactly what you are: a divisive, poisonous, nefarious succubus in the heart of America.



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