Kathy Griffin holding up an Isis-inspired severed head of Donald Trump.

The repugnant Kathy Griffin

Stephen Colbert making disgusting, homosexual slurs equating Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin’s…ahem…jock strap.

A Bernie Sanders supporter stabbing people on a Portland, Oregon train.

Vile leftists of the Public Theater of New York’s Shakespeare in the Park (which receives MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, by the way) putting on what is essentially a Trump assassination play in the form of Julius Caeser.

New York Public Theater Shakespeare in the Park Julius Caeser depicting Trump’s assassination

Hypocritical liberals like Barack Obama using the equivalent of 100 Americans’ yearly carbon footprint jetting off to Climate Change speeches and conferences while lying about how man is ruining the planet.

Violent Snowflakes on college campuses throwing eternal fits about conservative speech or anything or anyone who doesn’t toe the far-left line.

Twitter and Facebook exploding with calls of violence against the President and conservatives by both elected and unelected Democrats.

Violent snowflakes threatened Milo Yiannopolous with death if he spoke at Berkeley

The never-ending conspiracy theories about the groundless Nothingburger known as the Trump-Russia collusion.

A gay pride parade (which won’t allow gay conservatives) turning into a Hate Trump #ResistMarch of epic proportions.

#ResistMarch psychos

CNN and MSNBC anchors and Washington Post and New York Times editorial boards losing all sense of credibility when they openly call the President a piece of sh*t and claim objectivity is not the goal when reporting on the Trump Administration.

Psychotics in Antifa, unhinged women wearing foam vaginas, climate hysterics, Black Lives Matter racists, and other left-wing troglodytes rioting in the streets ever since Donald Trump was elected president.

Violent asylum patients of Antifa rioting

And now, today, members of the Republican Congress being deliberately attacked — as they practice for a charity softball event benefiting inner-city kids — simply for being Republican.

If Majority Whip Steve Scalise did not have his Capitol Police security detail with him, this attack by a Bernie Sanders-supporting nut job who was looking for Republicans to kill would have been a massacre. Thankfully, as of my writing, nobody was killed (except shooter James Hodgekinson)—but many were injured.

A left-wing groupie opened fire on Republicans and the media feigns outrage at the insanity they’ve created

All of these things have one thing in common: the mental disorder of liberalism.

If you are a liberal and want to debate legitimate policy issues, that’s fine. But what is happening around America is NOT that. The Left, by and large, has become unmanageably unhinged.

When Donald Trump was elected over Queen Cankles, the Left promised immediate action.  They have not disappointed. Since Day One they have been violently tantruming, insanely marching, wearing pussy hats, and calling Trump and his supporters Hitler and much, much worse–all aided and abetted by a disgusting left-wing media which has made it its mission to take down a duly-elected president.

I often ask liberals what is it about Donald Trump and his policies which have made their lives so miserable. They cannot answer.

They might bluster about gay rights (which Trump has supported). Or abortion (because liberals love killing unborn babies). Or climate change (which on Planet Earth is called “weather”). Or the so-called “Muslim ban” (which only targets six countries out of 57 Muslim-majority countries). Or easing EPA regulations (which actually spurs economic growth). Etcetera. 

Normal people, on the other hand, love what President Trump is doing. Let me count the ways.

  1. Illegal immigration has been greatly curtailed so far under President Trump. No, the wall has not been built yet, but it damn well better be. #BUILDTHATWALL


  1. Regulations are being slashed left and right and businesses are getting back to work. The once burdensome and unnecessary boot of the EPA has been lifted off the necks of companies large and small. Pennsylvania opened its first coal mine in decades this week. This would be unheard of in Obamaland, which promised that coal companies would go bankrupt and electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket.”


  1. Republicans in Congress are ready to repeal and replace the disaster of Obamacare with free-market principles. As we know, the left only likes healthcare if the government has its sticky fingers all over it, so naturally they are freaking out.


  1. Donald Trump has done the impossible and gathered a coalition of Muslim countries to support defeating radical Islam. Israel will also be a part of this coalition, and for the first time in decades, these countries aren’t frothing at the mouth talking about destroying the Jewish state.


  1. The policies Trump is promoting have caused over $3 trillion of wealth to be built already in the stock market since his election. The unemployment rate is steadily decreasing and the number of Americans out of the workforce is also decreasing every month. 


  1. Donald Trump is seeking a public-private partnership to begin infrastructure repair on our roads, bridges, airports, schools, etc. Contrast that to what Barack Obama did when he bilked the taxpayers for $1 trillion in his stimulus bill. Nearly all of the money went to Democrat unions and practically none went to building projects. Name me one building project completed under Barack Obama. You can’t. 


In short, Donald Trump is doing exactly what the people who elected him expect him to do.


What does it say about a far-left political movement and fellow-traveler media who carry such hatred for one man—a man legitimately elected Presdient of the United States? It means that they also hate those who voted for him just as much.

Members of Congress were the sitting ducks today. Who will it be next? People at an evangelical church service or church picnic? People at a patriotic concert? People at a pro-Trump rally? Or people simply living their lives not dependent on government becoming targets for the truly unhinged? 

I’m sure the media and the idiot liberals who lap up every single bit of nonsense they spew will blame guns and President Trump. This is their forever modus operandi. 

Normal people, however, see how the country is unraveling thanks to unscrupulous liberalism and the media which support it. 


And oh, by the way…we are armed.

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