Last week, President Trump did what three other presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama) have done before him and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Predictably, the lunatics who inhabit the Middle East—as well as our homegrown, Congressional lunatics who had already voted in favor of the move several times–promptly lost their minds.

Peace be upon you, Muslims!

The little pantywaists running the rest of the world wrung their collective hands and begged President Trump to reconsider. Otherwise, the peaceful Muslims in the peaceful Middle East were going to go to war over the embassy move.

You mean the Middle East (much of which is inhabited by a bunch of inbred, seventh-century barbarians who force their women to cover themselves with black felt beekeeper costumes) is throwing a fit? Color me shocked.

Some peaceful Muslims burning posters of Trump and Netanyahu over the Jerusalem Embassy move

Jerusalem has been the titular head of the Israeli government for as long as the state of Israel has been in existence, not to mention the ancestral homeland of the Jews. However, angry Muslims being angry Muslims decided to tantrum and threaten violence over a simple statement of fact.

Instead of capitulating to the blubbering hypocrites, President Trump declared unequivocally that the United States Embassy would shortly be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The equally badass Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately sent public praise and thanks to President Trump for following through with a promise that three other presidents – both Republican and Democrat – failed to keep.

Benjamin Netanyahu in his IDF days. Like you wouldn’t convert. #HotAssMan

This is what leadership looks like. These are what boundaries look like. This is what following through with promises looks like.

The Left’s predictable meltdown over Trump keeping his Jerusalem promise continues the vein of their tantrum on every other promise the President keeps.

President Trump has promised a border wall. We now see that prototypes are being built to discern which type of barrier will work best in order to severely curtail illegal alien border crossings.

President Trump promised a massive restructuring of immigration. The RAISE Act, sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton and Sonny Perdue, is making its way slowly but surely through the Congress. Of course, as is usually the case, the biggest holdups to progress come from Congressional Swamp Dwellers who are soft on immigration.

Trump and Bibi: Leaders of the Free World

Trump’s travel ban against six majority-Muslim countries which have no ties at all  established ties to Muslim terror has been upheld in the Supreme Court.

With the latest terrorist attack in New York City by a peaceful, Bangladeshi Muslim, who came into this country by chain migration and was targeting Christmas, President Trump was proven right again.

President Trump has steadfastly denied any collusion between his campaign and the Russian government. There has been literally ZERO connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Not so much when talking about the Hillary Clinton campaign! (Cough Fusion GPS cough Uranium One cough cough.)

A peaceful Bangladeshi Muslim who failed at suicide bombing in NYC.

The leftists in the media and The Swamp continue to stomp their feet and fall for every single piece of #FakeNews they are spoon-fed by their eager Democrat accomplices.

Just in the last week there have been approximately five major “bombshell“ stories the liberal media has had to backtrack—always with a whimper, and with the excuse of “Whoopsie! My bad!” instead of admitting the obvious: they are peddling anti-Trump phony stories ON PURPOSE.

The silver lining in all of this? Eventually their lemmings who lap up every lie will start to demand action. They will start to question why nothing has happened with the Trump/Russia invesigation. Why is President Trump not impeached? Why is most of his agenda going gangbusters?

This is probably coming quicker than we think! The world is run by #cucks.

And the boundaries the President has set will corral them with the truth.

President Trump has provided boundaries on the disgusting swamp of Washington and its environs like a good parent provides boundaries to a child. He has laid down the law, and like it or not, the agenda he is implementing is the agenda upon which he was elected.

I love every second of it.

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