As I am wont to say: everything is political.

And unfortunately, the status quo is far-leftism. Whether it is the media, Hollywood, academia, Wall Street, or just Swamp Dwellers and elitists in general, 90% of the culture leans far left. They have infiltrated every institution in this country. For that they deserve a #SlowClap– because they have a steadfast understanding that to change minds, you must change the culture.

But Red State America has had enough. They have fought back.  It is taking the form of electing Donald Trump as President, having 60% of the GOP support Steve Bannon‘s efforts to rid Congress of ineffectual Republicans, boycotting the NFL, turning its back on Hollywood, and rallying around the great state of Texas and the Houston Astros in the World Series.

The 2017 World Series is not only a fantastic contest, but a rallying call to Red State America.

Simplistic? Perhaps. But Hollywood is tanking, and it has as much to do with the drivel and CGI, superhero, and robot nonsense they are peddling as much as it has to do with politics.

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey—two major Democrat Party contributors—are going down in flames. Suburbicon, the Coen Brothers collaboration with George Clooney and Matt Damon, should have been solid gold. After all, the Coen brothers are the people who brought us Fargo–which is arguably one of the best films in the last 30 years—not to mention one of my all-time favorites Raising Arizona.

Smug and Arrogant: Damon and Clooney

But Suburbicon made only about $1 million more than Sean Hannity‘s independently-produced and Christian-themed Let There Be Light. Suburbicon—which on its face is a lecturing, obvious, pretentious slap at Red State America—showed in 2,000 theaters. Sean Hannity-produced and Kevin Sorbo-directed film? It showed in 400 theaters. And guess what? It was in the top ten grossing of all movies last weekend.

This Christian, faith-based, uplifting film showed in only 400 theaters and was in the Top 10.

This, and everything else that’s causing political earthquakes around America–should be a wake-up call to the Left, but it won’t be. They don’t understand why Red State America is making this Red State Houston Astros vs.  Blue State Los Angeles Dodgers World Series one of the most watched in history. They also don’t understand that the continued protests by the racial terrorists of the NFL—and their coddling by leftists running the NFL and ESPN–are turning people away in droves.

They continue to make excuses for their losses instead of being honest about who they are and how America rejects them. And let’s be crystal clear: they can NEVER be honest about who they truly are and what they believe.

Yes, they have Hollywood. They have The Swamp. They have academia. And for the most part, they have the media.

The media is complicit in the overwhelming ignorance of the public. They like it like that!

But Red State America, and the commonsense conservatives and libertarians who inhabit her,  are revolting against all of it.

The Left thinks they got a scalp with the Paul Manafort indictment–but they did not. His indictment had literally nothing to do with the 2016 election, President Trump, or Russian collusion. He was indicted for money laundering and conspiracy which took place during the Obama Administration. The irony, of course, is that the ACTUAL money-laundering conspiracy took place in the Clinton Foundation!

The real fun will soon begin with Uranium One, Fusion GPS, Imran Awan/DNC/Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the continuing mystery surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails. Liberals who thought Hillary Clinton was a lock to win the election are also not seeing how much trouble she and the Democrats are in now, because the media they consume literally refuse to report it.

Fusion GPS, Uranium One, DNC emails…all ensnaring Democrats. #PullUpAChair

No matter. It will be exceedingly hilarious to watch the meltdown as the truth comes rolling out, and even the obsessively-biased leftist media will be forced to report the truth. Pull up a chair, and grab the popcorn.

Red State America already knows what’s going on. We smell the filth, corruption, and disgusting behavior from a mile away.

And as we rally around the Houston Astros and the great state of Texas, we care less and less about what these freaks think of us.

The revolution has begun.




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