There ARE Two Americas–and I pretty much don’t want anything to do with theirs.

Hollywood, the NFL, ESPN, and 95% of media and academia have gone full-#WOKE, Social Justice Warrior psychotic. They lecture to us as if we need their hyperventilating rants like they need their Yes Men (and Womyn) whispering pretty lies in their ears.

Does Newsweek give up the ghost on the real motivation behind #MeToo? To finally ensnare Trump? #GoodLuck

And the Smartest People in the Room don’t understand why their ratings and influence are tanking daily?

Of course, it’s not a mystery to us living in Normal America. But if you talk to one of them, you’d think their chorus is growing exponentially!

The Freak Chorus consists of manbun-wearing eunuchs and screeching harpies who hate police officers, American sovereignty, immigration law determined by American citizens and not illegal aliens, the science of weather and gender, Christianity, Donald Trump, capitalism, free markets, or anything Traditional America.

You would think, like the Entertainment Weekly writer who wrote an article on the Roseanne re-boot (because Hollywood is out of ideas), America is thrilled that new Roseanne has a cross-dressing grandson. After all, it’s “enlightened!”

Over on the TLC network, the LGBTQXYZ dream has seemingly crashed into reality. I Am Jazz—the show with the boy who thinks he’s a girl whose parents overwhelmed his body with female hormones and now “presents” as a girl but is still genetically male…wait for it….likes GIRLS. Looks like Nature Over Nurture for the win.

Nope, you’re still a boy. #DNAdoesntLie #ItsScience

According to liberals, you’d also think a majority of Americans welcome a further splintering of their communities overrun with immigrants. Many of these legal and illegal immigrants refuse to assimilate, learn English, and in many cases, spit upon America’s culture, laws, and traditions.

They also think we would look to Israel and THEIR border wall stopping illegal immigration as a bad thing, instead of something to implement IMMEDIATELY in America.

Nope, Normal America does not join in with the Freak Chorus.

The Golden Globes were on Sunday night, and all the self-serving preening peacocks decided to wear black to support the #MeToo whistleblowers.


Because symbolism is always more important that substance.

Every single one of those people knew what an abusive tyrant Harvey Weinstein was–not to mention every other pervert who ever graced their soundstages since time immemorial.

It’s really an amazing thing to behold. Only the Freak Chorus in Hollywood who got caught engaging and enabling sexual predators could make Sunday night the perfect time to lecture Normal America about the issue!

Make no mistake: this entire farce has one overriding purpose: get Donald Trump.

When Oprah Winfrey gave a call to action to all Americans to reject “hate” and “bigotry” and all of the other nonsense buzzwords liberals like to use to bludgeon Normal America, the entire Freak Chorus stood up and squealed with delight. They said now The Mighty O has no choice but to run for President!

This is surreal. Ninety-nine percent of everyone in Hollywood and the media thought Donald Trump had a less than zero percent chance to win the presidency.


Their Oprah Fantasy is akin to their belief that Martin Sheen was the real President during the George W. Bush years because he was on Aaron Sorkin’s liberal acid trip The West Wing.

But back in Normal America, the truth continues to stubbornly rear its head.

On Sunday morning, Stephen Miller–President Trump’s excellent surrogate–bent over Jake Tapper on his own show State of the Union and spanked him with a fraternity hazing paddleboard for five glorious minutes. He excoriated CNN and the media for their constant Trump hatred and not reporting any of the truly remarkable things that have happened since Trump became President.

The economy is booming at a level we have not seen since the Reagan Years.

The coming tax cut is going to repatriate more money back into America than these liberal blowhards can imagine.

The Obamacare mandate—which forced Americans to purchase insurance they couldn’t afford—is gone.

Black unemployment is at its lowest point EVER.

Hispanic unemployment is at historic lows.

Around the world, we are respected—and feared—once again. Our promises mean something.

Our allies know they can trust us, and our enemies know they should fear us because We.Don’t.Play.

But the never-ending drumbeat by the liberal fascists in the Trump-psychosis media will not end. Jake Tapper actually had the audacity to pretend his third-place cable network (and almost all media) was not on a constant mission to destroy this president 24 hours a day. Stephen Miller expertly dismantled his protestations of innocence.

Stephen Miller demolished Jake Tapper and I want MORE!

The Freak Chorus does not understand why their agenda isn’t embraced by a majority of Americans. Ergo, this causes them to look at Oprah Winfrey as a viable political candidate. I suppose they think if Donald Trump can become President of the United States, why not Oprah?

Anything is possible, but I would never count out Donald Trump. He has proven time and again he can run rings around the entire Freak Chorus.

He is the circus master, and they are merely the monkeys throwing their own excrement at each other.

Underestimate at your own peril, Freak Chorus. In the end, the circus master is always the boss.


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