March 8, 2107

What do the Day Without A (Screeching Liberal Hyena) Woman and a Day Without An (Illegal) Immigrant have in common? Why, they are both days I wish we could have EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The modern suffragettes.

The modern suffragettes.

This week the insipid women’s movement took another left turn into Crazytown when they urged all women to strike (from being productive), wear red (as a good Commie would do), shop ONLY at minority-owned businesses (what does shopping at minority-owned businesses have to do with feminism?), and screech and holler like the whining brats they are.

Like the great Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant, these idiotic displays of tantruming are simply leftists’ excuses to riot in the streets. A Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant was so fabulous that a lot of cities are wishing we could have 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week without illegal immigrants.


For the Sisters, this never-ending bitch session is a chance to wax philosophical about imagined slights, wear their cute little pink cat-eared caps, embrace gender dysmorphia, screech about the horrors of straight, white men, and place into a grab bag all the other leftist causes du jour—Black Lives Matter, climate change, abortion, Muslims, burqas, hijabs, LGBTQXYZ, etc.

Behold, the Democrat base

Behold, the Democrat base

The highways were much more clear on a Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants, and I suspect they will be clearer on a Day Without the Screeching Harpies of the Left as well.

In other words, MORE OF THIS.

It’s a good thing they’re not out participating in the work force today. How ever will the private sector survive? Oh, wait. The joke’s on them. The February private-sector jobs report out today—the first since President Trump took office–shows almost double the job growth in the private sector than predicted.

Another joke lost on these Buckets of Stupid is the fact the wage gap between men and women in the Obama Administration was 13% and in the Hillary Clinton campaign AND the Clinton Foundation it was more like 27%. But don’t let those facts stop you from wearing a “The Future is Female” t-shirt and screaming about abortion.



Brilliantly, President Trump called the Collective Hags’ bluff this week when he said Planned Parenthood funding wouldn’t be cut from the Congressional budget if they would agree to stop performing abortions. Of course Cecile Richards and her gaggle of magpies declined this offer–which proves that Planned Parenthood is, at its core, an abortion mill. End of story. 

Admitted sister molester Lena Dunham, i.e, the object of my unending wrath.

Admitted sister molester Lena Dunham, i.e, the object of my unending wrath.

Ladies (and I say that to piss off the Lena Dunhams of the world):  How exactly are you being oppressed? Do tell.

Are your genitals being forcibly mutilated? Is your face being burned by battery acid? Are you being gang-raped by Islamists? Are you being stoned to death for appearing in public alone? Are you a child bride being forced to marry a much older man? Are you not allowed to drive? Are you not allowed to go to school? Are you not allowed to vote?

Oh, that’s right. The answer, of course, is no. Because in America, men and women have equal rights and it’s illegal to discriminate based on gender.

Shhh...that's too logical

Shhh…that’s too logical

You won’t go and protest in Muslim countries where women are actually and truly being oppressed. No!

In fact, you Useful Idiots are attempting to normalize two major symbols of Islamic female oppression: the burqa and the hijab!

What’s more, one of the founders of this ridiculous Day Without a Woman protest is convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh. She killed two Israeli students back in 1971, and so, naturally, leftists revere her. Like Bernadine Dohrn before her, this detestable female is a rallying cry to the Left.

As they indoctrinate young girls into wearing pink pussy hats and screaming about the rights they already have in this country, these activists are doing a major disservice to the harmony between men and women.

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

You see, men and women are equal. Different, yes. But equal? Yes. Men and women are different and equal and have been since the beginning of time. Trying to remove what it’s like to be a girl or what it’s like to be a boy by claiming it’s gender stereotyping is absurd.

It’s science: girls and boys are wired differently.

When I was seven years old, I tried to play with Matchbox cars for a whopping three days and was bored out of my mind. I quickly went back to my Barbies and playing house. Men and women are just different—and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s GLORIOUS. I love being a girl!

No matter how colorful the veil, it's still oppression.

No matter how colorful the veil, it’s still oppression.

With the Left’s hyper-politicization of gender, men and women are at loggerheads with each other like never before. I know this is your goal, Womyn: constant agitation and constant disruption. God forbid a woman loves being a mother and a wife to her family. God forbid a woman stays home and homeschools her children. God forbid a woman has strong religious convictions about homosexuality. God forbid a woman decides to stay single and date and have a career but not conform to your insane qualifications on what it means to be a feminist. God forbid a woman who has not had children can still be vehemently pro-life. Those women don’t matter to you. 

Self-proclaimed feminists: your tantrums are boring me. Your complaints are boring me. Your politicization of gender is boring me.

Do everybody a favor and make every day A Day Without Liberals—because liberalism is first, last, and always what this is about. That would make the world a much better and safer place—not to mention much cleaner and kinder.

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