Last week, sportscaster Clay Travis (I’ve been a fan for a while now) became embroiled in a ridiculous brouhaha that has given him a lot of heat and accolades.

Clay, who runs a website called, used to be a reliable Democrat. He worked on Al Gore’s campaign, and voted for Barack Obama twice. In 2016 he voted for Gary Johnson. So, he is not your typical, hated, right-wing, mustache-twirling, evil Republican.

Until last week.

Recently, Clay has put a target on the left-wing blowhards at ESPN, hilariously terming them MSESPN after the reviled MSNBC. He has rightly pointed out the extreme left-wing tilt the network has taken, and the ratings drop because of it.

When a particularly vile leftist “sportscaster” named Jemele Hill (a woman whose radical leftism was well-known to her bosses) declared last week that Donald Trump was a white supremacist and pretty much anyone who voted for him was as well, the Internet exploded.

Vile leftist Jemele Hill of ESPN

Jemele was not punished at all for essentially calling the President of the United States a Nazi on live television, because she is a liberal and her liberal bosses protected her.

However, if your name is Mike Ditka, Curt Schilling, Doug Adler, Britt McHenry, or Hank Williams Jr., this lack of ESPN outrage must be particularly stinging to you. All of these people lost their sports-casting or ESPN-affiliated jobs because they ran afoul of the psychotic liberals running this failing juggernaut of #RightThink.

Now, because Clay Travis has rightly placed a bullseye on this horrible network, the equally detestable CNN decided to have him on for a segment with the strident Brooke Baldwin.

Clay, in his usual ribald and #DGAF fashion, said (as he has many times in the past) there were two things he loved in this world: the First Amendment and boobs. The word “boobs” sent the left-wing hack Brooke Baldwin into paroxysms so she immediately pulled his mic. As someone who believes in free speech would do, of course.

ESPN’s Keith Reed, Brooke Baldwin, and Clay Travis during the Boobs Imbroglio

Leftist hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Brooke Baldwin pretends to be offended by the word “boobs”, yet she and her leftist brethren encourage women to be as sexually open and free as possible. If you dare to suggest perhaps a little modesty, you’re accused of slut-shaming young women.

And don’t even get me started on body-shaming! We now have a generation of girls who think it’s acceptable to be unhealthy and fat–yet simultaneously, Michelle Obama wanted to shove dishes of tasteless cardboard down the throats of school children. It’s all so confusing.

Clay has a brilliant play-by-play of the entire episode here:

The long and the short of it is: welcome to the jungle, Clay.

When you were a reliable liberal–at least not an outspoken center-right conservative type–you were loved and adored. Now, you have as many frothing-at-the-mouth haters as you do people who admire you. That means you’re doing something right.

When I lost my teaching job almost three years ago because I was performing on my own time a political show that mocked liberals, radical Muslims, and Barack Obama, I felt the heat of the “tolerant left” as you are feeling now.

It wasn’t fun or pretty–but again, I was clearly doing something right to incite so much rage in those who claim the mantle of love, sunshine, unicorns, and tolerance.

One of the many screenshots taken by liberals of me on Tommy’s Garage

Recently, I discovered that the bedrock of intolerance known as Google/YouTube has demonetized at least seven of my videos posted on my personal channel. 

Earlier this year they removed a rather innocuous Black Lives Matter criticism I leveled after seven Dallas police officers were murdered by one of their acolytes. I never had a response by YouTube to my questions. All they said was that I was “promoting hate speech.” However, their platform is rife with the racial terrorist of BLM or other far-left groups (Antifa, Black Bloc, etc.) calling on police officers or whites to be murdered and literally nothing is done to stop it.

These fascists are ushering in the most oppressive 1984-like era we have ever seen in this country. We are in the throes of WrongThink, RightThink, MemoryHoles, NewSpeak, DoubleSpeak, and all the other terminology ushered in by the famous George Orwell novel.

Liberals seek to claim 1984 as their own but it is clearly a high-level criticism of leftists’ tactics—and it’s getting worse by the day.

Last Sunday at the Emmys, we saw a bunch of rich, pampered brats who play pretend for a living lecture us on global warming as their running limousines  waited outside and they were feted inside in air-conditioned luxury.

Look at all the air-conditioned limos waiting for the pampered leftist actors bitching about global warming!

From the starting bell, these out-of-touch, identity-politicking, virtue-signaling, under-educated SJW imbeciles insulted and raged on President Trump. The dirty little secret? They were also insulting half of America.

Nothing like increasing Hollywood’s bottom line like screeching that all Trump voters are racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, knuckle-dragging Nazis!

You suck, Colbert.

Before they were out, I predicted the ratings for this year’s Emmys would suck. Guess what? They did. It turns out that America doesn’t like to be lectured to buy a bunch of coddled, angry asshats who live in a rabid leftist bubble, think going to church on the regular is deviant, and fervently believe Republicans routinely lynch black men, womyn, transgenders, and Muslims with the help of racist cops.

Alec Baldwin won an Emmy playing the person they all hate the most. #Irony


The funny thing is, if you ever actually get into an argument or discussion with a liberal, they will lose every.single.argument on its face. The only thing they have going for them is raw emotion. And insanity.

Some liberal establishments have now brought back segregation, which is fitting, since Democrats started it in the first place. Signs have started popping up essentially letting conservatives know they aren’t welcome, because they are “hateful.”

Oh, you intolerant freaks.

No hate….unless you’re a liberal….who hates half the country.

Here’s what conservatives believe. Spoiler Alert: it’s not “hateful.”

We are for women…because we don’t believe in aborting little girls (or little boys).

We believe that all lives matter…even police officers, who racial terrorists like Black Lives Matter like to target for assassination.

We believe in religious freedom…and we would not like to see God erased from the public square. We would also like God Bless America to mean something again. We don’t believe in shoving our Judeo-Christian beliefs down your throats; we just want the ability to exercise our First Amendment rights.

We also believe in extreme vetting, and that if you come from a country which has a high-level of Islamic terrorism, we have the right to keep you out of this country–at least temporarily.

We believe in immigration…legal immigration. We do not believe that giving amnesty to anybody is in the best interest of Americans. Not the American citizenry, nor the legal immigrant who waited in line and followed all the rules to become a legal American or a legal permanent resident. Open borders are a disaster for the American citizenry and the American worker.

We believe that man does not control the weather, and therefore man cannot fix the weather. What you call “climate change” or “global warming” is actually called “weather” and “four seasons.” This is science.

What’s also science? The fact that there are two genders–male and female. Just because you “identify” as a woman does not make it so. It means you have gender dysphoria.

We believe in traditional marriage…between one man and one woman. It does not mean we hate gay people or want to see them murdered or harmed in any way. It means that for 5000 years the bedrock of civilization has been marriage between one man and one woman in order to raise healthy children and healthy families. We understand, and in many cases, support civil unions for same-sex couples.

Liberal Groupthink has gotten to a level that is no longer funny or easily mocked. This is getting very serious.

People are losing their jobs, being silenced, and personally and sometimes physically attacked for their political beliefs. This is the stuff of the Soviet Union.

I don’t know how much longer it will take for the tipping point to be rich, but ladies and gentlemen, we are very close to the edge.

Let the revolution begin.


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