Liberals like to shriek that it’s conservatives, Christians, white men, and toothless, Confederate flag-waving Southerners who are racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and seething with hatred at everyone who looks different from them.

Screaming and tantruming: hallmarks of the Left

And yet, the truth is always so much more interesting and telling. Behold: the latest public examples of Liberal Fascism in Action.

Last week, Human Dumptruck Lena Dunham thrust her misshapen body and late-in-life-lesbian haircut back into the public forum. This Irrelevant Potato (a brilliant description, and sadly not my invention) was not content with all that HBO money for Girls (the show that made everyone hate Millennials), eating cake naked on a toilet, or complaining that her whopping 15-pound weight loss was due to Trump’s election. Nope! Lena offered her services to the Hate Speech Stasi by eavesdropping on a PRIVATE CONVERSATION ostensibly between two American Airlines flight attendants.

#YoureTheWorst, Lena Dunham.

Now, keep in mind: these flight attendants—who each probably clear about $35,000 a year—were enjoying what liberals used to cherish: privacy. But woe to the person who has a private conversation within the earshot of a Social Justice Warrior!

And what was the offense of these off-duty flight attendants? “Transphobic” talk.

What is that exactly? Could it be they were discussing the latest opinion of The American College of Pediatricians, which declared that “gender reclassification” of children—also known as transgenderism—constitutes child abuse?

Or maybe they were discussing the vaunted and esteemed Jennings family, whose son cum daughter Jazz cannot have the desired gender switch—aka “bottom surgery” (nice euphemism for splitting open the penis and shoving it and the testicles back into the body, by the way)—due to all the female hormones his/her parents shoved into him/her from the time he was a little boy?

Transgendering, Lena?

One wonders.

But leave it to Lena Dunham—the exceedingly wealthy, privileged, aggressively unattractive SJW Oberlin grad—to set right the wrongs these flight attendants dared to utter.

She immediately Tweetstormed about her “awful,” traumatic experience and shared with the world her text message conversation to the Diversity Czars over at American Airlines—who, instead of telling her to pound sand, immediately promised they’d get to the bottom of these troubling allegations.

Why American Airlines gave this Irrelevant Potato the time of day is beyond me.

Lena didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for, however. My faith in humanity was restored when the Internet—usually full of equally insane, rabid liberal bloggers—mercilessly flogged her for being a terrible human and eavesdropping on a private conversation which was none of her damn business.

As of this writing, American Airlines has received the Internet’s message and has not substantiated any of the Thought Police’s accusations.

But the point is: Lena Dunham TRIED TO GET THESE WOMEN FIRED. She felt it was her duty to report “harmful” speech. She and her other Social Justice Warriors have decided—with the help of dhimmified, leftist corporations—what appropriate thought and speech is or should be—and what cannot be tolerated.

Google—the Death Star of Liberalism—knows this more than anyone, and woe to the transgressor who points out their hypocrisy.

Late last week, a former Google programmer named James Damore sent to ten colleagues (who narc’d him out and sent it to the world) what is now being called the “Google Manifesto.” Damore was pointing out the differences between men and women—namely, the reason there aren’t more women programmers is that women tend to not be drawn to the math/science industries.

Yes, men and women are wired differently! Such common sense thinking—that women tend to be educators, caregivers, writers, or drawn to language arts as opposed to math or science—was an unforgivable sin to Google.  Damore also lamented the crackdown of independent (read: not leftwing radical) thought at Google, and that such people are shamed, shunned, sent to re-education seminars, or fired.

To liberals, the fact that more women are not showing interest or innate aptitude in math and science is a by-product of centuries of oppression. Forget that from time immemorial women and men had equal but different roles to play in the world—no! Women are not flocking to programming at Google because their seventh grade pre-Algebra teachers said “Why don’t you take Home Ec instead?”

This insidious attempt to reclassify nature and human biology is a tenant of the Left. Damore was merely pointing out the obvious, and something I’ve said forever: MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT ANIMALS. Not lesser, not better: different.

Damore was fired this week from Google, and I gleefully await his multi-million dollar lawsuit upon these Search Engine Nazis.

In other news: James Damore exposed these hysterical shrews at Google for the fascists they are.

Because of one memo written by a concerned employee, Google has proven what conservatives and centrists have long speculated: Liberal Fascism is alive and well in Silicon Valley. Diversity of thought—a hallmark of a free, civil society—is not tolerated.

In my past life, when I was an elementary teacher, I was loved and accepted by my colleagues—until one day it was revealed I was an outspoken conservative who detested liberalism and the hell it had caused. The day after Houston’s local news stations broke the super-important story that there was—clutch your pearls!—an elementary school teacher who performed on a conservative political cable access show on HER OWN TIME, my fellow teachers detested me, and made my life miserable until I resigned.

In their attempt to make everyone feel better and not have their feelings hurt, Google and other #RightThinks have ushered in the Storm Troopers of Tolerance to silence any #WrongThink.

My new hero James Damore

The Darth Vaders of the Left are nothing if not steadfast: they will actively usher in conformity of thought and speech—and in the process cause people to willingly sacrifice liberty and freedom. This is how they operate. They are fascistic, they are strident, and they are religious in their fervor to stamp out any dissent as “hate.”

It is us—the rebels, the conservatives, the true free thinkers—who must expose them and mock them for the backwards fools they are.




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