President Trump is in the throes of what can only be described as a full-body anal exam by the repulsively biased media.

Nobody knows better than me how disgusting the corrupt media can be. In November 2015, I dealt with them first hand as they twisted a story about me. I prevailed, and so will President Trump.

The media coverage of Trump has been 91% NEGATIVE since he won election.

The media has now taken upon itself to be the official arm of the Democratic Party–as opposed to the unofficial arm that was the norm. Their frothing-at-the-mouth treatment of everything President Trump does is nothing short of remarkable. They have removed any semblance of objectivity and have made it their mission to destroy this president by any means necessary.

Let us count the ways how this media has lost all credibility. Whether it is the constant lies about Russia, which at this point have taken on a Boy Who Cried Wolf meme, to not reporting the truly remarkable progress the economy is making due to Trump’s deregulations, to the number of illegal aliens entering this country dropping by 70% just with a threat of building a wall, to the decimation of more terrorists every day, to the restoration of God and the reference of God in America, to the unemployment number dropping to the lowest point in about 30 years, to the stock market hitting record highs–the media is hell-bent on hiding the good this president is doing.

The media is beyond corrupt.

Instead, they are focused on the perfectly legitimate firing of James Comey, the FBI director who, on national television, basically indicted Hillary Clinton before he unindicted Hillary Clinton. In addition, he let the Boston bombers Zsarnov brothers go after knowing they were a threat to national security. He also pooh-poohed the notion that Major Nidal Hassan would be a problem and we saw how well that worked out in Fort Hood. The man has been ineffective at best, and corrupted at worst. President Trump was well within his powers to five The FBI director.

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As they hysteria continues, President Trump must realize the media hates his guts and will never ever ever ever ever like him or report the positive things he is doing.

Therefore, there are three things President Trump must do in order to ensure reelection. If he does these three things, he will win in a landslide. I would make book on it right now.

  1. Tax Reform

Tax reform, coupled with deregulation and energy independence expansion, is the single greatest thing President Trump can bring to the average America and small business and corporate America. By lowering the corporate tax rate to 15%, companies can repatriate back into America and began building and manufacturing in this country again. By slashing individual and family tax rates from seven brackets to three, the average American will take home more of their own money and regenerate it back into the economy. 

  1. Stick a Stake in the Heart of Obamacare

Ever since President Obama and his puppet Democrats passed the hilariously named Affordable Care Act—a.k.a. Obamacare, every Republican on the planet has said they would repeal and replace it. It is a monstrosity that has cost families insurance and basic healthcare. Its premiums have made insurance unusable and unaffordable. It is simply more welfare at the expense of taxpaying Americans–and everybody who is honest with themselves know it. We must get back to free market solutions for healthcare, and there are doctors around the country–like Dr. Fatima Jaffrey in Oklahoma City–who are in the process of bringing affordable healthcare using a co-op system their patients love. Killing Obamacare MUST be accomplished.

More than we ever imagined, Mr. Obama.

  1. Build the Wall

This is the cornerstone of why Donald Trump got elected. 70% to 80% of Americans want illegal immigration stopped and a growing number of Americans want all illegal aliens deported, regardless of criminal activity. Building the wall, and making Mexico pay for it through a remittance tax of 35%, would absolutely guarantee reelection for Donald Trump. This cannot be put off ONE MORE DAY. #BuildThatWallAndBuildItNow


Even Donald Trump, with his decades in public life, who once counted Democrats as friends and allies, must, on some level, be demoralized and disheartened at how viciously his former friends have turned on him. If the Deep State, the majority of the media, entrenched bureaucracy, and even some weasel Republicans did not see him as an existential threat to their existence this never-ending onslaught would not be happening to him. Knowing this fact is crucial to embrace as he moves forward.

Catch and Deport!

President Trump must rise above the fray and get working to Make America Great Again. This is why we elected him President. He must tune out all of the horrible jerks in the media, the milquetoast traitors around him and in the government who are actively trying to destroy him and push forward with the agenda the American people demand.

Mr. President: the media will never love you, but if you keep your promises, We The People will.


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