As someone who has an unhealthy addiction to Ulta, Rebecca Minkoff handbags, and true crime on Investigation Discovery, I do indeed present and identify as a cis-female.

Of course, in today’s wacky world, a ham sandwich could “present” or “identify” as a female so that doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

But for the life of me I do not understand what feminists represent today.

Remember the days of the suffragette—those brave women who valiantly fought for us to have the right to vote?

Today’s feminists do not resemble these pioneers whatsoever.

Let’s be honest. The first, last, and only litmus test these harpies give to determine who is a “true” feminist is the level to which one supports abortion on demand.

In fact, on Monday, feminists and the cuckolded men who support them stopped the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Bill in the Senate. The bill’s authors and supporters had the audacity to suggest (via medical experts) that an unborn baby could feel pain, and that abortion should be outlawed (with certain exceptions) after 20 weeks.

Let’s see: 20 weeks divided by four weeks in a month equals a fetus at FIVE MONTHS GESTATION. Not quite the zygote or embryo stage during which abortion proponents claim most of abortions take place.

Bless his heart. Damn you elective abortionists who deny his humanity.

Actually, the women in the suffragette movement were ardently pro-life, and vehemently against eugenicist Margaret Sanger and her euphemistically-sounding organization Planned Parenthood.

Sanger was supported by the (Democrat-invented) Ku Klux Klan and other racist organizations because of her belief in eugenics—or the “weeding out” of so-called “inferior” humans. If it sounds familiar, it should. Hitler believed the same thing.

When you couple the fact that two-thirds of all Planned Parenthoods are located in urban (read: black) neighborhoods, one really does wonder if Margaret Sanger saw the future of the feminist movement and its seemingly contradictory impulses.

Today’s feminists are all over the map.

The Women’s March had its second incarnation a day before the March for Life (lovely sense of irony, Grrrls). This year’s marches turned into an even bigger cornucopia of leftist activism than last year’s—which I didn’t think was possible.

Racist feminist cog insults the dumb little snowflakes behind her. They don’t care!

This year, to not offend “transwomen” (side note: there are no such things, because “transwomen” still have the DNA of “real men”), the organizers wanted to make sure that the ubiquitous pink “pussyhats” were not worn so as not to offend their trans-sisters in solidarity.


The whole original idea of feminism was to equalize men and women. Now, its purpose seems to seek to elevate women over men. How can a man who now thinks he’s a woman participate in such elevation? Oh, the conundrum!

Here’s a transwoman (I.e. genetic MALE) who fought to compete AS A WOMAN in a bodybuilding competition. Seems fair!

Furthermore, feminists can’t seem to figure out how they feel about Sharia Law. One of the Women’s March organizers, Sharia Law and Islamic advocate Linda Sarsour, embodies this duality of feminist purpose.

On the one hand, feminists know–on some level–that Sharia Law is the most oppressive judicial system in the world.

Under Sharia, men have complete dominance and control over women and girls. Girls have their genitals ritually cut so as to never experience sexual pleasure. Women are forced to cover their heads in either hijabs or their full bodies in burqas. These are the ultimate forms of female degradation and oppression.

But today’s feminists somehow embrace these atrocities as a form of religious expression – and since that religion is not Christianity but rather Islam, they are all for it!

Linda Sarsour: Sharia Law Girl Power!

The same women who tell us that dressing like prostitutes is female empowerment ALSO say it’s empowerment for women to cover themselves head to toe in black felt!

They aren’t grasping the concept that it’s often the MEN in these women’s lives who are forcing them into the shrouds in the first place!

In the same vein, the same feminists who use their bodies as sexual objects ALSO tell men not to look at them as sexual objects. They browbeat men into thinking they are evil predators for doing what men do naturally – that is, looking at women.

The #MeToo/ #TimesUp movement is a perfect example of this insane hypocrisy.

Their argument is simple. It IS sexual harassment, rape, or sexual assault if a powerful, rich, or connected man hits on you. There is no equal justice under the law, there is no due process, nothing. If she says it (whatever “it” is) happened, it happened.

When someone tells you who they are, believe them. Nice touch with the cuck holding up the “Rape Culture” sign.

However, it is NOT sexual harassment, rape or sexual assault if a woman willingly offers her body or sexual favors in exchange for movie roles, power, prestige, money, or social standing.

Got it?

Want another example of Feminism Doublespeak? Hillary Clinton made a bizarre appearance at the Grammys Sunday night – one of the lowest rated ever, I might add – to crow about how she was a great feminist and stood with the #MeToo movement.


Regardless of her shielding, enabling, and coattail-riding Bill Clinton–one of the biggest political sexual abusers ever—Hillary had some more ‘splaining to do.

Tone-deaf liberals gave this ultimate enabler a standing ovation at the Grammys. I’m With Her! Except when Hillary excuses the behavior.

On Monday, Patti Solis Doyle, her 2008 campaign manager, revealed she advised Hillary Clinton to fire Burns Strider– a male staffer accused of sexually harassing another female staffer– and was overruled by Hillary.

Think about that.

Hillary Clinton , who supported her husband after he told Juanita Broaddrick “you might want to put some ice on that“ and enabled him throughout all the other allegations brought against women, has once again shown her true colors.

Because, for liberals, the #MeToo movement is about class, elitism, and status. People they deem beneath them are not to be believed, and people who do not serve their purpose are to be discarded.

Speaking of the abysmally-rated Grammys, has anyone ever asked unintelligible rappers and hip-hop stars why they continue to write and sing about women as no more than sex objects, bitches, and hoes? No! Of course not. Because of course, that would be racist. Such feminism!

Gotta love a good liberal hypocrite!

To sum up: feminists seek to have everything both ways.

They want to claim oppression of women under Christianity, but have no problem with oppression of women in Islam.

They want women to feel free to make their own choices regarding their bodies, yet want those same women to have the “choice” to abort their future daughters in the womb.

They want to bare their bodies and be sexually liberated while at the same time blame men for objectifying them.

Today’s feminists are seeking to use leftist policies to weaponize women against men. It is as simple as that.

As long as you are a cuckold or a good liberal man, you will mostly be spared their wrath. But make no mistake – the ultimate goal of these harpies is to change the fundamental nature of men–and, yes women. 


And now, with transwomen seeking to claim the feminist mantle–even though they are biological men–their logic gets even more convoluted.

Modern feminism is a scourge upon womanhood and humanity. It exists only to divide and to anger. I want no part of those shrews.

But boy, do I love watching their tantrums during the Women’s Marches, Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, and anywhere else liberals gather in large numbers!

The moralizing lectures they give to Normal America proves they have learned nothing, and they are only digging their hole deeper and deeper. 







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