Media Appearances

Sam Malone 2/23/16 Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton

Isiah Factor 2/26/16 Ted Cruz, Primaries #OutsideTheBox scroll to 18:17

ABC 13 follow up “Loud and Proud” 2/28/16

Isiah Factor 3/4/16 Media’s continuing whitewashing of radical Islam #OutsideTheBox scroll to approx 21:30

Sam Malone Show 3/15/16 Scroll to approx 2:28:50 ‪#‎SuperTuesday‬‪#‎TrumpRally‬



Isiah Factor  from Fri.3/11/16. ‪#‎OutsideTheBox‬: media continual whitewashing of ‪#‎RadicalIslam‬. Scroll to approx 18:40



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