Media Appearances

Sam Malone Show 10/6/15

Scroll to 2:28:30

Tommy’s Garage 10/8/15


Fox 26 Face off 10/12/15 Million Man March anniversary


Sam Malone show 10/13/15

scroll to 2:28:11


Face off 10/14/15 Tamir Rice Case

Tommy’s Garage 10/15/15 Dem Debate, Bitchwatch, Trump stuff, polls

Face off 10/16/15 Ben Carson comments
Sam Malone 10/20/15 American Phoenix vid drop, Israel/Palestinian conflict, Angela’s idea man LOL
scroll to 2:29:50
Fox Face Off 10/19/15 Racial profiling
Tommy’s Garage 10/22/15
Sam Malone 10/27/15 scroll to 2:27:57
Tommy’s Garage 10/29/15
The Blaze article over Face Off controversy: 11/3/15 (video embed)
Sam Malone 11/3/15 scroll to 2:29:50
Fox Face Off 11/6/15 All White Jury Dismissed
Isaiah Factor Uncensored 11/6/15 I am allowed to clarify my Face Off controversy here
Tommy’s Garage 11/5/15
Fox Face Off–Mizzou hoax 11/11/15
Sam Malone 11/10/15 scroll 2:28:30 approx
Tommy’s Garage  11/12/15
Isiah Factor 11/13/15 Paris bombings, Mizzou hoax
Sam Malone 11/17/15 Paris aftermath; scroll to 2:27:34
Fox Face Off: fake racism on campus 11/18/15
Tommy’s Garage 11/19/15
Fox Face Off 11/20/15 School discipline
Fox Face Off from 11/23/15 Donald Trump muslim “registry” comments
Sam Malone 11/24/15 Clockmed, Syrian refugees Scroll to 2:27:55
Fox Faceoff 11/28/15
Fox Face off 11/30/15 Ahmed Mohamed lawsuit
Sam Malone from 12/1/15 scroll to 2:18:27 approx.
Fox Face Off 12/4/15
Fox Face Off: 12/7/15  Post San-Bernardino terror attack/ Syrian refugees
Sam Malone 12/8/15 scroll to 2:29:02
Fox Face Off 12/9/15 San Bernardino terror
Tommy’s Garage 12/10/15 Obama a “total pussy”, Bitchwatch, etc.
Fox Face Off 12/11/15–“racist”
Fox Face Off 12/14/15 Sylvester Turner / Houston Mayor Runoff
Fox Face Off 12/16/15 Trump vs. Cruz #WeNeedAConservative
Fox Face off 12/18/15 Justice Scalia, Affirmative Action
Tommy’s Garage 12/17/15
Fox Face Off 12/21/15 Freddie Gray trial–mistrial
Fox Face Off 12/23/15 “Affluenza” teen Ethan Couch
Fox Face off 12/28/15 Sandra Bland/no indictment of officers in case
Fox Face Off 12/30/15 ISIS is  a growing threat
Fox Face Off 1/1/16 New Years hopes

Sam Malone Show 1/5/16

 Substance and silliness ensues….scroll to 2:27:56
#ObamaGunGrab #ObamaGunControl
Sam Malone Show 1/12/16 #SOTU predictions
scroll to 2:28:54
What’s Your Point? Fox 26 1/14/16
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Tommy’s Garage 1/14/16
Sam Malone Show 1/26/16

Scroll to 2:28:04.

Tommy’s Garage 1/28/16

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