Media Appearances

Here is the CAIR video celebrating that I lost my job:

Here’s a news story talking about QX threatening me:


War of Words between Angela Box and Quanell X:



ABC 13 raw interview footage


Jessica Willey/ ABC 13


Michael Berry:


Outlaw Dave:

Matt Patrick:



Dayton Vause (Florida)


Heidi Hansing (Raging Elephants Radio)


Claver Kamau-Imani (Raging Elephants Radio)


Angela’s Soap Box



Right Side Rocks list of insanely hot conservative women


Egberto Willes/ Pacifica Radio/ 90.1 FM KPFT


KHOU story


CAIR Houston’s latest stunt queen move against me:


Chris Salcedo Show

Hour 3; 3/12/15 scroll to the 30:00 mark


Chris Salcedo Show on The Blaze Radio; 22:00 mark


Raging Elephants (official contributor, Mondays at 3pm, Download and open using Windows player


March 2 @1 hour, 8 min.

March 9 @1 hour, 18 min.

March 16 @ approx. 1 hour, 4 min.


Chris Salcedo 3/20/15 Hour 3, approx. 19:00



Speech at the Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff Rally 5/31/15


SamMalone 6/8/15 Scroll to approx. 35:03


Sam Malone 6/2/15 scroll to 2:31:02

Sam Malone 6/17/15 scroll to 2:29:05


Sam Malone 6/23/15 scroll to 2:26:05


Sam Malone 6/30/15

approx 2:27:40

Sam Malone 7/7/15

Scroll to 2:28:17

Tommy’s Garage 7/2/15


Sam Malone Show 7/14/15

Scroll to 2:30:03

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