Media Appearances

10/1/16 Isiah Factor Uncensored: #OutsideTheBox on Trump’s Debate One performance and how to improve:


Earliest Tommy’s Garage appearances   9/26/14 10/4/14 10/16/14 10/23/14 10/30/14 11/6/14 11/14/14 Angela Box vs. Randy Wallace

Here is another video that shows how BLATANT the bias is from Randy Wallace:

Press conference:

All appearances on Tommy’s garage:


Original Randy Wallace Story: (in this video QX admits that he lied about what I said…or rather, his “publicist” made the error but he refused to apologize).


CAIR gets involved and demands my removal from the classroom. A video made from the national office was posted.

They were interviewed again after my resignation.

Keith Garvin’s story; Quannel X makes a veiled threat towards me in essence saying “my views put my life and my students’ life at risk” from members OF HIS RELGION AND GROUPS. He is on the air saying this.

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