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Hello all! Here is a comprehensive but not total list of media appearances. Most are in chronological order. As new content is added, this post will be updated.

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Links to all of Angela Box’s and Chelvis Kennerson’s radio show Think America:

10/2/16 Starting now, appearances will be listed newest to oldest. Anything before 10/1/16 is listed Oldest to Newest.

8/15/17 Sam Malone on Charlottlesville rally BS/leftist hypocrisy: a doozy! Scroll 2:30:28


U.S. Law Shield – LIVE – 8-15-17

August 15, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7/24 and 31/17 Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Network with Kevin Schollla: My story, Trump agenda, Republican incompetence

Mama Grizzly Radio: Former Teacher Angela Box Tells Her Story

7/1/17 Sam Malone scroll to 2:28:58 Trump staff changes, celebrity plastic surgery!

Sam Malone Show – LIVE – 8-1-17

August 1, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

7/18/17 Sam Malone: scroll 2:30:43 Sucky GOP not repealing Obamacare, chit chat about Diet Coke, Trump isn’t the problem

Sam Malone Show – LIVE – 7-18-17

July 18, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

7/11/17 Sam Malone: More Trump Russia bs, now starring Donald Jr. & We the people want the TRUMP AGENDA! Scroll 2:30:58

Sam Malone Show – LIVE – 7-11-17

July 11, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

6/6/17 Sam Malone: Reality Winner, first leaker arrested; How bad Homeland sucks this season; more Islamic terror; keeping spice in a relationship; upcoming Comey hearing. Scroll 2:30:10

Sam Malone Show – LIVE – 6-6-17

June 6, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5/22/17 Sam Malone Manchester attack, more Russia hysteria, getting real about Muslim terror Scroll to 2:28:13

Sam Malone Show LIVE 5/23/17

May 23, 2017

Posted by Sam Malone Show on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5/16/17 Dear President Trump: Ignore the Media and Do These Three Things to get Re-Elected

5/2/17 Super fun SamMaloneShow from today. We talk #Budget2017 and Washington Press Dinner. Scroll: 2:27:08 #QuickShimmy

4/11/17 Angela Box on Janet Jackson leaving her Muslim husband due to “cultural differences.” Read: Islam

4/4/17 Sam Malone Susan Rice, Obama fingerprints on Trump Tower wiretap, media blackout Scroll 2:05:37

3/30/17 Sam Malone Melania,immigration, Russia. Scroll to 2:03:16

3/21/17 Sam Sam Malone…crap music, autotune, Comey hearing, wiretapping, etc. 2:30:06

3/14/17 Sam Malone Show Jessica Farrar “masturbation fine”, Democrat’s abortion obsession. 2:16:57

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