Ever since President Trump was inaugurated we have heard the same drumbeat from the media: Trump is illegitimate, Trump is a racist, Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election. Etcetera and YAWN.

(Now, keep in mind this is the same media which said Hillary Clinton had a 93% chance of winning and that Trump would be impeached within the year. But I digress.)

The media’s talking heads have warned Republicans of the great calamity the 2018 midterms will be for their party–if they don’t go along with Democrats’ demands.

As if the media actually ever wants Republicans to win ANYTHING.

No member of the mainstream media has ever wanted to see a Republican win anything, so warning them about their impending doom seems a little counterintuitive.

It’s the same head-scratcher when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell Republicans if they want their party to succeed, they better agree with Democrats!

Our leaders would be wise to pull a George Costanza and do The Opposite.

All of the prognosticators now think Democrats have almost a 100% chance of flipping the House and Senate to Democrat control, and then the impeachment of Donald Trump can begin in earnest.

Imprint this into your brain. Democrats elevate ILLEGALS above AMERICANS.

Trump hate is literally ALL Democrats have! The impeachment of a duly elected president is their first, last, and always motivation.

Let’s run down the REAL Democrat platform and explain what a winning message it is to your average American.

Democrats’ Hill on Which to Die consists of support of illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, DACA “dreamers”, chain migration, extending the visa lottery, and no border wall–no how and not ever. This is a wonderful strategy for them! Nothing says “I support American workers” more than importing poor, uneducated, sometimes illiterate, future Democrats Into the country!

In addition, Democrats have warned us that the Trump and Republican tax cuts were going to cause people to DIE. Think about that–literally die! In another example of Democrat logic, they think the companies giving out substantial pay raises and bonus checks to all of their employees (AT&T, Walmart and Apple come to mind) and repatriating hundreds of billions of dollars back into America is a bad thing.

Keep in mind the billions of dollars repatriated are being taxed at 15% so Big Daddy Government is getting his share. Liberals should be squealing with delight over that, but they are not.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney SCHOOLED Jim Acosta about the 60-vote threshold for appropriations bills.

The truth is that tax cuts work every time they are tried and only Democrats think they can convince their lemmings they don’t.

Ergo, Democrats can run on raising your taxes!

Democrats want government control over every aspect of your life. Although the Republicans have yet to fully repeal Obamacare, there are some provisions that are being slowly removed from the Behemoth Bill of Doom. They would immediately re-initiate all Obamacare mandates so the American people once again will be forced to buy what Democrats say they should.

With the #SchumerShutdown in flull bloom, Democrats are taking money away from our military and first responders , Because, as said before, their priority is illegal aliens.

#SchumerShutdown in full effect!

Just remember: the next time a police officer is shot by an illegal alien, it’s the Democrats’ fault.

Although the ban on certain Muslim countries is working out swimmingly well in helping us protect the homeland, Democrats want MORE immigration from those Muslim countries. Because, as we know, they think western culture and Americanism is racist by default.

As I have mentioned, I haven’t seen any Democrat pack his or her bags for Haiti, El Salvador, Iran, or Senegal. But a girl can dream!

Finally, Democrats’ platform and strategy for taking over in the 2018 midterms cannot be complete without a mind-numbing re-ordering of science. To wit: elevating “non-binary” and transgendered individuals over people who have the audacity to “present” as the gender with which they were born.

Please Democrats: keep it up!

Trump owns you, Democrats.

Yes, it looks like the Democrats have pretty much walloped the Republicans in the midterms.

Why, it’s just a few more months until they can draw and quarter Donald Trump and set his entrails on fire in the public square.

Personally, I completely support Democrats finally telling the truth about who they are. It’s actually quite refreshing.

Good luck to you Democrats! I will help you tell the truth even when you can’t!



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