Americas current political cluster can no longer be categorized as conservative vs. liberal. No: it’s Normal America vs. The Swamp.

The drip-drip-drip of revelations continue to emerge about possible and actual collusion between Russia’s Uranium One deal and Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch. Details that in a long-ago America would’ve already resulted in indictments for one or more parties.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in those times.

In our current Newspeak, Memory Hole, post-truth, leftist status quo morass, the media has surrendered its role as the watchdog of the Establishment. Now, they are here to protect the Establishment. (As long as the Establishment is a liberal or a milquetoast, play-the-game Republican, naturally.)

Hillary et al are accused of ponying up 20% of America’s uranium (which is used to make nuclear weapons) and selling access to the Obama Administration in exchange for $145 million to the Clinton Foundation and exorbitant speaking fees to an impeached sexual predator former President. This should be emblazoned on every paper and in news outlet in the country.

We aren’t even referring to Hillary’s 33,000 classified emails she destroyed or the private server she installed in her home—this Uranium One deal (detailed in Peter Schweitzer’s book Clinton Cash) is a whole other animal.

It’s all coming to light.

However, because the cultural Left (and The Swamp in general) control 95% of all media, it’s like the old adage of that tree in the forest with nobody around to hear it fall.

Part of me believes eventually the slow but unyielding trickle of damning information will cause even the most hardened liberals to sit up and take notice. After all, they are also Americans.

But a bigger part of me believes these people are already lost. No longer Americans, they are instead–first and foremost–progressive leftists. The goals of leftism and statism are all that matters. Therefore, whoever embraces and promotes those ideals will always get a pass.

The dirty little secret: the endgame of the Left is entirely anti-American and anathema to the ideals upon which our country was founded.

The laughable notion that somehow Donald Trump was in deep collusion with Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 election has been exploded as a hoax and a detestable lie. Robert Mueller’s investigation now looks like it covering up the cover-up of what Democrats are doing. This includes his own involvement in knowledge of Uranium One when he was FBI director, in addition to a multitude of other issues.

There is a former FBI employee who is chomping at the bit to testify about the bribery and the pay-to-play that Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration engaged in with Russia. So far, his testimony is being prevented by a previous nondisclosure agreement.

But, as they say: Tick-Tock.

Congress and/or the Trump Justice Department are in the process of removing the whistleblower’s NDA, and hopefully he will be testifying soon. That is, unless he mysteriously “suicides” himself—as so many people connected to the Clintons seem to do.

Trump is the guy at the The Swamp Family Reunion who strides in and overturns all the picnic tables filled with food.

The same people who don’t understand how Trump got elected and do not grasp that normal Americans are 100% fed up with the cultural and political Gomorrah we are currently experiencing will also never willingly expose one of their own.

Of course, The Swamp is not without its duped Useful Idiots. During a feted speech last week, George W. Bush made several veiled swipes at President Trump–therefore solidifying his role in The Establishment.

The same media which had called Bush a war criminal, celebrated plays calling for his assassination, and continually mocked his intelligence and honor suddenly applauded our former President for ripping Trump a new one.


The next day Barack Obama also publicly slammed President Trump—while, like Bush, never actually saying his name.

They are all in one big club—and that club’s number one item in its charter is to protect its power, money, and influence by any means necessary. The truth be damned!

So, going forward, when the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy–as Hillary likes to refer to People Telling the Truth–really ramps up, just remember: The Swamp is here to protect their own.

Like Revolutionary times, it will take the committed 30-40% of the country to stand up and demand equal justice under the law.

Donald Trump did not collude with Russia. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration did. The truth, no matter how ugly, will always surface. And when it does, this scandal (and the people it ensnares) will make Soviet spy Alger Hiss’s actions look like the musings of a misunderstood choir boy.

Pretty soon, not even the hacks of the godless alt-left media will be able to ignore the avalanche. ‘

I can’t wait.


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