Last Saturday, in Charlottesville, Virginia (a city whose mayor has called it “The Resistance” headquarters), a group of repulsive neo-Nazis got a permit for a rally to protest the city’s plans to remove a Robert E. Lee statue from a public park. They were met by (as the media euphemistically calls them) “counter protesters” in Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Black Bloc, and other bought-and-paid-for leftist miscreants. Predictably, all hell broke loose.

Domestic terrorism comes to Charlottesville.

After the police were told to stand down (seems to be a running theme when leftists are involved), hoodlums with bats, wooden clubs, fists, and other weapons started fighting with the white supremacists (and other protesters who were NOT white supremacists). Sadly, one of the protesters—James Alex Fields–drove a car into the crowd and killed one person and left 19 injured.

President Trump, waiting for facts to emerge (unlike his racehustling predecessor Barack Obama, who constantly ran his mouth before all facts were available), condemned the white supremacists with no ambiguity. But then he made this point: racism is never justified, there was blame ON BOTH SIDES, and leftist groups have made it their mission to violently riot basically every other week.

Condemning the violence on both sides, President Trump got blasted by the liberal media and weak Republicans.

The leftist media, naturally, went nuts.

Cut to: Trump’s amazing press conference on Tuesday, August 15.

As his fellow Republicans flail around trying to kiss the ass of every liberal rabble-rousing group in the country, President Trump yesterday doubled down on his assertion that both groups in Charlottesville last Saturday were to blame for the horrible carnage.

Once again, Trump is correct.

Seriously. Could elected Republicans have this President’s back for once? I know they still can’t get over the fact that he’s a plain-speaking, commonsense person whose solutions–if implemented–would set this country on a path to success like we’ve never seen. I know that it chafes their hides because they’re not the ones who thought of it. I know it pisses them off that the American people want the Trump agenda over their watered-down, milquetoast version.

But get over it.

Last Saturday, leftists who have been wanting to start a race war for at least eight years got some pushback from some equally detestable neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Not one single conservative or anyone on the Right has embraced these people or excuse their behavior.

A mess all around.

However, the rally was originally a protest to prevent the removal of a Robert E Lee statue and have a park renamed to wipe out American history, once again.

The Left is now fond of claiming that George Orwell’s 1984 is about conservatives. It is so obviously about them it’s not even funny. Leftists are now like ISIS terrorists and the antagonists in the classic novel: burning books, tearing down statues, revising history–all in an attempt to make them feel better.

Leftists scream that every vestige of slavery must be eliminated. Are they aware that America was the country that actually ENDED slavery? Are they aware that every single nation on earth and every single group of people on earth–including their beloved Muslims and Native Americans–also had slaves, and many still do today? Are they aware that black Africans are the ones who sold their fellow Africans to European slave-traders?

The difference between the race-obsessed leftists of today and the Founding Fathers is that the Founding Fathers understood slavery could never stand. They wrote into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution words that would eventually lead to its downfall.

Furthermore, if America is going to do away with all vestiges of slavery, we must eliminate the entire Democrat party. After all, Democrats were the slaveholders who started the KKK, instituted Separate but Equal, segregation, Plessy vs. Ferguson, and Jim Crow laws. We also must eliminate President Bill Clinton’s mentor, noted segregationist J. William Fulbright, and all references to former KKK Grand Wizard Democrat Senator Robert Byrd. Etcetera.

President Trump—by placing blame on both sides and pointing out the violent rhetoric and actions of the Left–has verbalized what has so many conservatives alarmed. Namely, where exactly does this end? If leftists want schools renamed, statues torn down or history re-written, where does it stop?

Washington and Jefferson—and 41 of the Founding Fathers–were slave holders. Yesterday, I was joking that leftists will soon want the Washington Memorial removed and the city of Washington D.C. renamed. Then, on broadcast television, as if on cue, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rose suggested the Jefferson Memorial be destroyed!

Newsflash: rewriting history cannot be done. We can learn from history and move on from it, but not rewrite it. Ironically, in their attempt to rewrite history, leftists are also regressing.

1984: we are here.

We are no longer a people which sees creed over identity. The culture is now all identity politics. The tantruming Left–which has embraced black nationalist groups like Black Lives Matter/Nation of Islam and violent anarchist groups like Antifa and Black Bloc–should not be surprised that some on the Right have also succumbed to identity politics.

The American Doctrine is NOT identity politics.

The American Doctrine is one where skin color, religion, gender or sexual orientation doesn’t matter. The American Doctrine includes all people working towards an individualistic, free, liberty-driven, open, prosperous society based on capitalism and the rule of law. The American Doctrine is what can unite America–not these angry, disparate groups which seek to tear this country apart.

Predictably, the media, leftists, the Deep State Swamp, and feckless Republicans are trying to destroy President Trump—and he is not playing their game.

Once again, leftists who cannot argue in a rational fashion called him a racist. Trump—and the people who surround him—are not racists.  He is a commonsense American. And fellow commonsense Americans, who are simply living their lives and seek to harm nobody, know exactly what he was talking about and agree with him 100%.

Our so-called Republican leaders are so weak and pathetic they can’t even support the President when he is telling the obvious truth. They refuse to support his agenda—the agenda the American people support. They refuse to support him when he’s under siege by the liberal media, Hollywood, the culture, and the Deep State Swamp– of which they are clearly a part.

Never forget that the Left hates America as it was originally conceived. They hate capitalism, true free speech, and freedom of thought and expression.

In its place, they want conformity of thought and speech, Marxism or some form of socialism, and to destroy America’s institutions. That’s what this is all about.

President Trump fundamentally understands this. Americans watching their country fall apart understand this. It sure would be nice if elected Republicans understood it as well.

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