Another day, another Muslim terrorist attack–this time in London. 

I bet all those vigils and candles and concerts sure are scaring off those Muslim terrorists! Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber warbling terrible music: that’ll show ’em!

Muslim terror attacks are becoming so commonplace they all blur together–except for the victims of each one.

In just three weeks Great Britain has had three major terrorist attacks.  Of course, predictably, the media were slow to release the names of those rascally jihadis because, as you know, releasing names of said jihadis makes you a bigot in today’s hyper-politically correct, leftist world.

The media were loathe to release the names of the terrorists, even though they said, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed their victims.

Also predictably, the Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan said there was no real reason to be alarmed, and that terror attacks were unfortunately to be expected in today’s warm fuzzy, Kumbaya, globalist world.

Come one, come all says Mayor Khan!

Back in the Real World, President Trump, who gets daily figurative excrement thrown at him by the Left, is actually one of the bravest people in the Free World. He uses his Twitter as a weapon to destroy  liberals and to outrage the media, and every single time he’s proven correct.

In fact, smarmy NBC News refused to relay the President’s tweet about the London terror attack because the intelligence “had not been verified”. Forget that President Trump is undeniably privy to intelligence than the Wizards of Smart at NBC News are not.  No, it was more important for these asshats to lambaste Trump than to admit–even for a second–that he was correct.

Liberals are more offended by Trump’s tweets about Muslim terrorists than ACTUAL Muslim terrorists.

Of course, we now know last Saturday when the jihadists mowed down 47 people with a van and walked into two bars and started stabbing patrons–eventually killing seven innocent people–that once again it was not Pentecostal Christians, Hindus, or orthodox Jews rampaging against infidels. Nope. Once again, the adherents of the Most Peaceful Religion in the World were to blame.

Until the world–and the Western world in particular–decide they want to get serious about calling Islamic terrorists by their correct name and destroy these maniacs as brutally as they try and destroy us, these incidents will keep occurring over and over again.

I’m not even going to bother trying. Just two more damned-to-eternal-hell murdering losers.

Europe has allowed these backassward nutjobs to come to their countries, where they establish No-Go Zones, Sharia Law, clothe their women in black felt beekeeper costumes–and then claim they are not radicalized, you Islamophobe.

We now know that, belying initial reports to the opposite, the Manchester bomber was indeed NOT reported to the authorities by his Imam. In fact, many Muslim communities in Europe have decided that they would rather handle these problems internally that actually contact police. 

I’ve got news for you. When you have a religion whose more conservative members clad women head to toe in burqas while the men walk around in Western clothing, support the killing of gays and lesbians, treat women like chattel, and refuse to assimilate into the Western cultures to which they migrated, the problem will not end until the gates are closed to them.

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

These radicalized people have no desire to assimilate into the countries which welcomed them. This is not a matter of “respecting Islamic culture” at this point. This is a matter of saving Western Civilization from throngs of seventh century barbarians.

The fact that England has allowed back into their country at least 700 people who left to go fight for ISIS in Syria is mind-boggling. In America, the fact that two panels of extremely left-wing judges have said if anyone BUT President Trump had implemented a travel ban it would be perfectly legal is insane.

But, according to these leftists in robes, because Trump said “mean” things about Muslims during the 2016 Presidential campaign the travel ban was unconstitutional. (Never mind that there are about 51 out of 57 majority-Muslim countries who have been left OFF said travel ban. Pesky details, I know.)

These leftists–who minimalize what radical Islam is doing to the world–are going to get us all killed.


No amount of benefit concerts from insipid millennials making horrific music are going to stop Islamic terrorists. No amount of vigils or candles or excoriations are going to stop Islamic terrorists. No amount of saying “Not all Muslims….” is going to stop Islamic terrorists.

What WILL stop these freaks is an overwhelming show of force and brutal domination. That is the only thing these psychotics will understand. 

Cal me a right-wing nutjob, but If you *happen* to be on the terror watch list, it’s time to be rounded up and intensely questioned. I seriously doubt Maud singing in the Baptist church choir or your run-of-the-mill Hare Krishna is going to be on the terror watch list.

No: people on the terror watch list belong to ONLY ONE religion–and as we all have been brainwashed, it’s the most peaceful religion of all!

Islam is so peaceful that people are scared to even criticize it for fear of having their heads removed from their bodies. Fun fact: even though leftists claim Christians are incredibly dangerous, nobody seems to be afraid of them! Christians are targeted for death abroad and are daily mocked and denigrated at home and yet nobody seems to be worried about a random beheading by a radical Catholic.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: every single thing in this world the political Left touches turns to crap. Western Civilization is on the brink, and these fools want to accelerate our demise.

Well, a little stabbing by some jihadist is really par for the course now. Stop complaining!

The only solutions are simple. Reform Islam. Obliterate the Islamists. Obliterate the imams who are preaching radicalization. Obliterate the terrorist states which supply their money.

Stop pussyfooting around the obvious.

The Left hates President Trump because he tells the truth.

The Left hates conservatives because they tell the truth.

Every single leftist is basically one of the fawning idiots on the parade route who tell the Emperor his non-existent clothes look stunning when in reality he is naked and a fool.

The Left is nothing if not consistent, and their foolishness and  refusal to see reality is destroying the world.

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