File this one under: Things that are Predictable.

Today we discuss liberals seething with rage towards normal Americans and blaming hurricanes on the lie of manmade climate change: Hurricane Harvey Edition.

After the unimaginable catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey (y’all, parts of Houston and the Gulf Coast look like Haiti right now) most of America has pulled together to help the people of Texas. Most people, that is, except for some particularly vile liberals.

Hell on earth in Houston.

I wish I could say I was surprised by this behavior but, unlike leftists, I don’t like to lie. The Left, certainly since the 1960s and arguably from the 1920s, has ramped up its maniacal frothing with every Republican president—now culminating in their daily meltdown over common sense, Drain the Swamp President Trump.

The way these smelly, stoned basement dwellers view their fellow Americans as racist, white-hooded Klan members is nothing short of defamatory. And to boot, the way liberals view Texas was put on grand display during Harvey and its aftermath.

Liberal journalists were actually SURPRISED that everyday people were helping other everyday people and not discriminating against them! Can you imagine? One of the worst disasters in American history, in a state as red as California is blue, and liberals’ first inclination is to assume the pitchforks are out for people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and transgenders!

Texans helping Texans

This mindset is patently absurd but all-too-typical in the minds of today’s leftists.

What the world witnessed during the Harvey annihilation of property and lives– and it is still going on – was the Texas spirit and pride being beamed to all corners of the globe. Is it any wonder that conservatives from around the country are trying to escape their blue state, liberal hellholes by coming to Texas?

But don’t tell this to a leftist. Some of their reactions on social media–whether it be by celebrities or just regular, run-of-the-mill, rabid commies–were disgusting.

The irony of this Twitter handle does not escape me.

There are so many truly repellent people who inhabit the Ninth Circle of Liberal Hell it’s almost too much to aggregate their reactions here. A simple search of “Leftist Reaction to Hurricane Harvey” should do the trick.

One truly abhorrent media reaction was found in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Remember them? The whole “Je Suis Charlie” thing?


Conservatives and freethinkers supported and defended them years ago as members of their staff were attacked and killed by radical Muslims because they printed a picture of the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

Welllll….last week the magazine compared all residents of Texas to neo-Nazis and said, in essence, that there is a God–because the hurricane wiped out Texas. The best touch? As residents were depicted drowning, they were seen giving the “Heil Hitler” salute.

God Exists….because he killed all those “Neo Nazis” in Texas. What awful people.


Lucky for Charlie Hebdo, I can pretty much guarantee the editors will not be visited upon by evangelical Texans wielding suicide vests, knives, or machine guns screaming “God Bless You! Praise Jesus!”

Just call it a hunch.

When President Trump first went to visit Texas after Harvey subsided, he was criticized for not getting in the way and making a scene. But, as a businessman who understands the meaning of “lead from the top” and delegate, he sought to stay out of the way and let the people do their jobs so as not become a distraction.

So what did the Liberals squawk about? The fact that Melania wore stilettos as she boarded Air Force One on her way to Texas! And when President Trump went to Houston with Melania last Saturday to give moral and physical support to those thousands of people at the George R Brown convention center (and guess what, liberals? They were white, black, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, male, and female) the press pilloried him as a phony showboater.

The President and First Lady in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center

Also, as predicted, the media took the worst hurricane in 100–if not 1,000—years as an opportunity to proselytize about the phony hoax of manmade climate change.

When speaking to Kellyanne Conway, Chris Cuomo of CNN (the dandy who, on live television, once proudly wore a sweatshirt his daddy was gifted by  Fidel Castro, the Communist Scourge of Cuba) asked her if the President would now start to worry about climate change since the storms are “happening every year now.”

Whiny girl Chris Cuomo got his panties twisted by Kellyanne Conway

Newsflash, Chris: the last major Hurricane to hit America was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The earth is not collapsing. The earth experiences these crazy things called “weather” and  “natural cycles.” Man is no more in charge of changing the climate than liberals are capable of honest introspection.

Just as we could not control the solar eclipse of August 21, we cannot control whether a hurricane decides to sit over a city for a week and dump 50 inches of rain onto it. Hurricane Harvey, nor the aftermath, has nothing to do with your phony religion of climate change.

Whoops! #FactsArePeskyThings

But, as always, facts didn’t stop the left-wing media from their pulpit preachin’, even though, regrettably, they ultimately had to admit there was no link between this hurricane and climate change.

Any excuse to spread the agenda!

What I hope–other than the tens of thousands of Texans affected by this horrible natural disaster to get back on their feet stronger than ever before–is that normal Americans are continuing to comprehend callow, vituperative, naked liberalism on display.

It’s obvious for us political junkies to see what vile leftists are doing; how they use every natural disaster to somehow benefit their political agenda. Hopefully, people around the country saw it too. The quick response and coordination between local, state, and federal governments and the outpouring of love and support for the affected people of Texas is what common sense conservatism is all about.

There is now even a clearly delineation of Us vs. Them.

Conservatives will continue cheerfully soldier on, mock liberals, and point out their glaring and ugly hypocrisies. And the Great State of Texas will continue to show the world why they are a beacon of conservatism and the ultimate Bright, Shining City on an American Hill.





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