Well, well, well. The Harvey Weinstein saga continues to unfold and explode, causing reverberations throughout Hollywood and the Democrat political world.

Just a few of the actresses accusing liberal tub ‘o blubber Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse or worse.

For me, the biggest takeaway in all this filth is simple: liberals, as a whole, embrace, promote, and excuse abhorrent behavior as long as the abuser is a far-left Fellow Traveler.

How else can you explain why Harvey Weinstein—for 20-plus years– escaped consequences for physical, sexual and emotional abuse? It’s not a very difficult riddle to decipher.

Simply put: he is a reliable liberal who has donated the maximum amount possible to every far-left fringe group and Democrat hack politician under the sun.

Both Clintons have been personal friends with Weinstein or 20+ years.

He maxed out to Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky defense fund and gave $250,000 to the Clinton foundation—in addition to donating the maximum amount to dozens of Democrat politicians including Hillary Clinton and of course, all things Barack Obama.

Liberals’ current sputtering protestations of “I didn’t know” are merely a repeat of the old song “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” parroted by Hillary and Co. during the Lewinsky scandal. In fact, Clinton pal Weinstein even tried using that tried-and-true liberal favorite before the scandal broke wide open!


Hollywood and liberal Democrats walk hand-in-hand on pretty much everything. Whether it’s abortion at any stage of pregnancy, prayer in schools, drugs, gay marriage, LGBTQXYZ, Islamic infiltration, open borders, anti-Christianity, anti-traditional values, or anti-American ANYTHING, it’s a pretty safe bet that elected Democrats and Hollywood agree on it all.

I get a chuckle over these hypocrites. They ARE the cultural status quo which has ushered in all manner of debauchery and moral relativism–and suddenly they have a problem with Weinstein!

While the #FakeFeminists wring their hands over disputed accusations against Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, and Donald Trump, they look the other way at accused rapists Weinstein and Bill Clinton, and lionize serial womanizers like Ted Kennedy.

Oh, Monica.

It took Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama almost an entire week to address the Weinstein story. The National Organization of (Shrill, Unattractive) Women only responded after Hillary Clinton gave her imprimatur and made it acceptable for this foul group of hyenas to lambast Weinstein.

The dirty little secret, of course, is that Democrats and the media have excused credible allegations of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment against Bill Clinton for 30 years. They also excused Hillary’s role in either defaming or threatening Bill’s accusers.

Just a few of Bill Clinton’s accusers

The phony outrage Hollywood is showing right now is laughable. Every single one of these people knew what Weinstein is. He is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Not only did Hollywood—and the liberals who run it—KNOW about Weinstein, but they also know about the scores of other predators now hiding under their desks praying the storm passes soon.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

Hollywood and the #CorruptMedia are at its lowest level of trust or admiration they’ve ever seen. Normal Americans are fed up with their hypocrisy, lies, distortions, and mocking of traditional American values.

Harvey Weinstein is simply the first domino to fall. He will not be the last. Pull up a chair, America! It’s about to get GOOD.

Says it all!



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