March 21, 2017

Last week, the detestable Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) attempted to scalp yet another HISD (Houston Independent School District) teacher who had the temerity to express an opinion critical of radical Islam.

James Bretney, a ninth grade teacher at Sterling Aviation High School and also a part-time comic book writer at Lucha Comics, learned first-hand what the liberal fascists of Twitter and CAIR do to those who expose facts about radical Islam.

Fellow asskicker James Bretney

Fellow asskicker James Bretney

Bretney is currently “under investigation” from HISD (of course he is), and has been suspended indefinitely from both Twitter and the excessively dhimmified Lucha Comics.  

What was Bretney’s offense? Something simply unforgivable to the martinets of Twitter and CAIR, evidently.

He wrote a series of tweets that pointed out atrocities committed by Islamists around the world, and expressed an opinion with which many who have experienced Islam would agree—that Islam is not merely a religion, but an often brutal political ideology whose ultimate goal is a worldwide caliphate and all of humanity bowing to Sharia Law.

It's not Christians and Jews pulling this crap.

It’s not Christians and Jews doing it.

I have personal experience with this cowardly and disreputable little nothing of an Islamist front group that for some reason wields power with politicians and bureaucrats.

In November 2104, when I was a third grade teacher for HISD, I was thrust into the local, state, national, and even international public eye after speaking out broadly against radical Muslims and liberal twits in general.

On my own time, and never in the classroom, I participated in a “Politically Incorrect”-style, late night local cable access show where I used some choice words in referring to Islamists and Obama. I never once posted on any social media that I was a teacher or where I worked, and had never had any complaints about my fitness to be a teacher to the students whom I deeply loved.



CAIR and the local Black Panthers and Black Muslims got their panties in a twist at my words–not the actual atrocities that Islamists daily commit on other Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Third World and, increasingly, in the civilized, Western world.

According to them, because I had an opinion overtly critical of many aspects of Islam and all aspects of liberalism, I was not fit to teach in a public classroom. The situation became untenable, and ultimately, I negotiated my resignation from the school district. I will never teach again. There’s much more to my story, and it has irrevocably shaped me as a person.

By all means, let's have more of this.

By all means, let’s have more of this.

Despite CAIR’s claims that it has no desire (None! Of course not! How dare you suggest such a thing!) to silence anyone who speaks up against the Religion of Peace, the witch hunts they and other leftists undertake against their critics would suggest otherwise.

Their ultimate goal is to stifle speech that is critical of Islam. Period, end of story. If someone loses their livelihood over social media posts critical of Islam–oh well! That’s the price you pay, you dhimmi.

So what were some of the things James Bretney, CAIR’s latest target, wrote on Twitter? According to news reports, including a recent Houston Chronicle article:

The Council on American Islamic Relations-Houston said the tweets, which included the phrase ‘Embrace Islam and you embrace death’ and photos of mutilated children with a comment stating ‘Islam did this,’ could make Muslim students feel unsafe and discriminated against at school.

‘For anyone, but especially students, to see something like that, is just unconscionable,’ said Ruth Nasrullah, a spokeswoman for the group.” (Houston Chronicle, March 15, 2017) 

(Source: Fun Fact: the author references my case without using my name, to which I say: why so timid? Use my name!) 

On Christmas Eve (a coincidence, I'M SURE) his Danish woman was beaten with chains by Muslim migrants--who laughed about it in court.

On Christmas Eve (a coincidence, I’M SURE) this Danish woman was beaten with chains by Muslim migrants–who laughed about it in court.

If you look critically and honestly at what Islamists are doing around the world in the name of Islam, his postings are perfectly legitimate and sum up what many people critical of Islam call a “death cult.”

Most Muslims claim to be peaceful, and in fact are–but the peaceful, moderate Muslims are not standing up quickly and forcefully enough against the radical Islamists terrorizing the world. Whether out of abject fear, intimidation, or silent assent, the lack of continued outrage and action about what Islamic radicals are doing does not go unnoticed by those of us actually paying attention.

CAIR's press conference after the San Bernardino terrorist attack

CAIR’s press conference after the San Bernardino terrorist attack

Sadly, instead of acknowledging the obvious need for a reformation in Islam, groups like CAIR would rather point the finger of blame at the people speaking out against the realities within their religion.

Furthermore, this Hamas front group, which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial and has been designated as a terrorist organization within the United Arab Emirates, also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Don’t believe me? Here are some facts CAIR refuses to refute.


10 Facts About CAIR:

  • CAIR was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic supremacist organization that pioneered 20th century Islamic terrorism and sanctions violence against civilians.
  • CAIR only has about 5,000 members, despite a membership fee of just $10.
  • CAIR represents the opinions of only 12% of Muslim-Americans according to Gallup.
  • CAIR receives financial support from foreign powers who have also provided direct support to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and Hamas.
  • CAIR has solicited money from sponsors of terror and received financial support from convicted terrorists.
  • CAIR founders have praised terrorists to Muslim audiences and said that suicide bombers are acting on behalf of Islam.
  • CAIR has raised funds for terrorists under the guise of helping 9/11 victims.
  • CAIR board members have called for the overthrow of the United States and the imposition of Islamic law.  CAIR has suggested applying Sharia punishment (ie. the death penalty) to users who criticize Islam on the Internet. 
  • At least 15 high-level CAIR staff members have been under federal investigation for ties to Islamic terror.
  • CAIR has discouraged Muslim-Americans from cooperating with law enforcement and has spent more time and money advocating on behalf of convicted terrorists than for their victims.


(CAIR: un-indicted co-conspirator in Holy Land Foundation trial:

(CAIR: front group for Hamas:

(CAIR: front group for Muslim Brotherhood:

(CAIR: on UAE terror list–which Obama Administration ACTIVELY LOBBIED to have removed

When asked to refute any of these claims, CAIR will sputter and call such claims “Islamophobic” without actually ever answering the charges.

They also employ the useful idiots of the Collective Left to spread the lie about “Muslim hate crimes” being on the rise—without providing any facts to support such a claim.

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

In fact, around the world, hate crimes against Jews  and Christians are actually accelerating with increased Muslim migration to the West and continued brutalization in Muslim countries. But don’t let facts interfere with your narrative, CAIR.

CAIR has absolutely no business operating in this country.

They have sought legitimization from idiot liberals and politicians who are too afraid of their own shadows to speak up against at what this group truly believes. And guess what? It’s not America, and it’s not freedom, and it’s not free speech. Ultimately, every single one of these people want Islam to dominate. They have too many leaders who have said as much. 

All their pretty words about not wanting people’s free speech to be shut down is a lie. Every time a conservative teacher speaks out against Islam, all of the sudden every single thing they do in the classroom is taken into question–even when no evidence has ever been presented they ever brought their political opinions into class. Unlike, of course, their liberal counterparts–who regularly spew their opinions in front of captive students.



I contend only liberals, Black Lives Matter supporters, and acolytes of Muslim organizations are afforded full protections of free speech.

They don’t lose their jobs. They don’t have threats made toward them either online or in person. They don’t have their property destroyed for their “thought crimes.” Instead, they are rewarded for their “tolerance”.

When a conservative seeks to merely to introduce facts about Islam or what the Islamization of the West looks like–with the normalization of “no-go zones”, hijabs, burqas, the insistence on Halal food and the removal of pork products on menus (among other things)–we are considered the bigots.

No. We are sounding the alarm at what actual intolerance is.

Europe is finished demographically. They are soft, and have discovered their fates too late. People like me, James Bretney, Aayan Hirsi Ali,  Brigitte Gabriel, and many other patriots who are sounding the alarm against radical Islam should be listened to –not excoriated.

Nobody is talking about taking away anyone’s freedom of religion. What we are talking about is exposing the obvious and systematic intimidation practiced by some Islamic groups towards people who disagree with their goals.

I applaud James Bretney for standing up for himself and for his right to have an opinion that might be different from a radical Islamist, Hamas front group.

More—not fewer–people should be like him.

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