Last Sunday, in an extremely low-turnout race, France went to the polls to choose their next President. Their choices were both out of the “mainstream” political parties (which speaks to the worldwide disgust of politicians).

France’s current canary in the coal mine Marine Le Pen of the National Front was painted as a right-wing nutjob (in fact, I was almost surprised the press didn’t actually call her that). She sought to yank France from the disastrous European Union and immediately curb immigration from Islamic countries, in addition to permanently removing anyone who was on the terror watch list.

Marine Le Pen: what might have been

“France for the French” was her rallying cry to her countrymen who are disheartened to see their beloved country being transformed by liberalism and immigration right before their eyes. In the last debate before the election, Le Pen gave the best quote of the cycle: “France will be run by a woman—either me or Angela Merkel.”

By contrast, socialist Emmanuel Macron (once finance minister under outgoing socialist President Francois Hollande) was painted as a “centrist” who was called personally by America’s Voldemort Barack Obama. He was full of warm fuzzies for the Islamic invaders overtaking the European Union thanks to its inexplicable immigration policies, in addition to continuing the far-reaching nanny state welfare morass plaguing much of Europe.

Emmanuel Macron and his mom– I mean wife.

To quote the *manly man* Macron regarding Islamic terrorism: “(Islamic terror is an) imponderable problem” which will be “part of our daily lives for the years to come.”

In a move that really shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands the French lack of resolve in the face of evil, the country once again bent over, grabbed their ankles, and prepared for the further demolition of its culture.

Macron (who basically married his mother), beat Le Pen in a stunning upset victory that quite frankly shocked me. You see, I figured with Brexit, Trump, and the continuing cesspool that Islamic migration is bringing to Europe, that France might follow Britain’s lead and stop the bleeding. It was not to be.

Your typical Parisian subway circa 2017

Macron strode up into the winner’s circle behind the anthem of the European Union, not the French La Marseillaise. He was cheered in Paris, a city that voted 90% to 10% for him, by immigrants and women in hijabs. The screaming throngs of happy welfare recipients greeted their conquering wimp. And, as predicted by Le Pen, the very next day Macron boarded a plane to meet with his new boss: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Sadly, “France for the French” is now an outmoded concept because even whispering that the preservation of anything Western Civilization created brands you a racist. To say that you would like to visit France and actually see some French people (not Moroccans, Africans, Syrians, Ethiopians, Albanians, or any other immigrant group which refuses to assimilate into French culture) is anathema in our Brave New World of hyper-politically correct vigilantes and Social Justice Warriors. 

Idiot liberals protesting a Paris shop owner banning hijabs in his store clearly don’t understand the irony of their very dumb signs.

This is the cultural suicide that we in Western culture are now perpetrating upon our countrymen far and wide. America has always been known as a melting pot, albeit with a specific culture. Not Europe. In Europe, the countries have unique cultures: although both European, Poland and Spain are entirely different animals. When one thought of France, one might envision the Eiffel Tower, Paris, the Louvre, Napoleon, Julia Child, berets, fashion, croissants… or capitulation to Hitler.

Now, increasingly, there are unassimilated Muslim migrants, who demand special treatment, no-go zones, and a re-ordering of France itself.  In fact, a Paris imam celebrated the election of Macron by saying French Muslims were finally able to worship freely.

This is what liberal American women like to make in their spare time. Pass the barf bucket.

Islam is on the march. To say this is not an exaggeration. Demographically, Europe is a generation or two away from being totally finished. The European Union–and the Useful Idiots of the worldwide Collective Left–have rapidly exacerbated the liberal meme that all immigration is good and if you disagree you are a bigot.

Marine Le Pen was possibly France’s last saving grace. She was the Donald Trump for a country that unfortunately did not want her. They want more of the same European Union policies that are destroying the continent. They want fewer jobs and less economic opportunity. They want nanny state dependence on other people’s money. They want mass immigration and passive capitulation Islam.  While they see Christianity (and, to a lesser extent, Judaism) as outdated, they excuse Islamic principles and practices as “part of the culture” and therefore unassailable.

As idiot liberals in America see racism in the “smile more” comment to the black gymnast Simone Biles on the insipid Dancing with the Stars or go on yet another pointless march screeching about how racist and sexist they think Donald Trump is, women in Paris are encouraged not to walk in the streets at night for fear of being attacked by Muslim migrants who see them as chattle.

What do all the Paris terrorists have in common? I just..can’…it…

As idiot liberals in America screech and wail about how building a border wall is racist, the welfare state the European Union has created is rapidly collapsing. France should’ve tried to save itself, but I suppose we shouldn’t expect more from a country that allowed Hitler free reign to their homeland before America rescued it.

As idiot liberals screech and wail in their Pussy Hats and lie about the Republican Obamacare repeal plan, little girls are having their genitals mutilated—in Western countries.

Liberalism: Myth vs. Reality

As in World War II, I expect the United States will have to step up and bail out the world from economic malaise and marching Islamization. The Collective Left puts a sunny face on the destruction of traditional Western culture without looking at the ultimate goals of those who immigrate to countries and seek not to assimilate– but to dominate.

I have taken a lot of heat for pointing out the normalization of  Islamic policies and practices. But we must also look at the advancement of Islamic immigration on Western culture. It is not an exaggeration to say that the world is being changed right before our eyes.

There are certain things that are worth preserving, and Judeo- Christian culture and all of Western civilization are two of those things. Because liberals are eaten up with hatred of Western culture generally (and America specifically), they refuse to see the reality of the coming caliphate.

No doubt they will soon also be asking us to rescue them—right before they spit in our faces once again.


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