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I like blah blah blah, lipgloss, and big salads.
I am a staunch supporter of liberty, freedom, the First and Second Amendments, and General Asskickery. As a former teacher, educating the world about the beauty of the United States Constitution and conservatism remain primary goals. I also would like to eradicate every radical Muslim terrorist cockroach from the planet. I live in Houston because in Texas we eat liberals for breakfast.

My heroes: Jesus Christ, Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand, Ted Cruz, Matt Drudge, The Founding Fathers, Allen West, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Brigitte Gabriel, Clarence Thomas, James O’Keefe, Benjamin Netanyahu, Rush Limbaugh, and the late great badass Andrew Breitbart.


Below is the original “about” page right after my case became publicized.

For posterity….and it feels so good to have taken a stand. 9/30/15



Original from 12/14/14

My name is Angela Box, and I’m an asskicking conservative in Houston, Texas.

Certain people immediately translate that sentence to mean “evil” and “bigoted”.


Angela Box Houston Conservative Christian Blog - Angry Liberal - Keith Olbermann

Angry Liberal – Keith Olbermann


However, I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to fear.

The media may spend more time condemning conservatives over rioters, terrorists, and other criminals, but I am NOT violent or criminal in any way, shape, or form.

Everybody is welcome here.

Trust me…I won’t get offended, riot, carry out terrorist attacks, nor try to get your fired if you post a comment in disagreement.

If you are proud to be an American, you are especially welcome here.

In fact, I created this blog to help give a voice to the millions who support this country and the qualities that made her great.

Again, all religions and political views are welcome on this site.  I just won’t tolerate the typical race-hustling, threats, and defamation tactics consistent with certain groups/media.

Along these lines, it’s important to note that I also created this blog in response to an attack on me by the liberal media and Quanell X – leader of the New Black Panthers and New Black Muslim party.


Why won't Quanell X wear the uniform of the group he supposedly leads???

Why doesn’t Quanell X wear the uniform of the group he supposedly leads???


For those not familiar with my story, I will explain the events that led to my notoriety.

For the past 5 years, I’ve enjoyed a successful career as an elementary school teacher in Houston, recently with HISD.

As a strong believer in the power of an education, I knew this was more than just an occupation to me.  It may not have been financially rewarding, but it gave me great joy to work with children and help them succeed.

My classes were comprised of all races, religions, nationalities, etc, and I LOVED my students.  They also loved and cared for me as evidenced by my long history of exemplary performance.

Let me repeat this…

Throughout my 5 year career, there hasn’t been one official complaint related to my political beliefs or any impropriety in class.

In the fall 2014, I was asked to appear as a guest on a few episodes of a political satire show called Tommy’s Garage.  It’s an amateur late-night cable access show, with a campy vibe.

The show has a politically conservative theme where everyone has fun talking about politics, making fun of politicians (both Democrats and Republicans), and discussing current events in an irreverent manner.



Tommy’s Garage Photo


Prior to the hoopla, the show had only 44 YouTube subscribers and most videos had less than 10 views total.

Despite the show’s total obscurity, one reporter – Randy Wallace with Fox 26 in Houston – found this newsworthy and proceeded to do a malicious and biased “news story” on me using just a couple of edited clips a few seconds long.


fox 26 reporter randy wallace

Randy Wallace – Fox 26 Houston


What shocked me is how he totally abandoned his responsibility to present news fairly or accurately.

This WASN’T an attempt to ‘present the news’.

This was an intentional malicious attempt to ‘create’ a story and get me fired for my political beliefs that he didn’t like.

Not only did he intentionally disregard context from his clips, he flat out lied and claimed that I exposed my breasts on the show.

In addition, he never talked to me before running this “big story”.  He never talked to my principal.  He never talked to my students or parents of my students.

He sent me an EMAIL asking for comment at approximately 2pm on the day he released the story (which got broadcast less than a few hours later).

Click the image below to read the actual email exchange with Randy Wallace.

angela box email exchange with randy wallace fox 26


Notice he mentions that this originated from a “viewer”, not a parent or student in my class.  Yet, in the actual story, he says “concerned parent”.

He further declined a formal invitation to come to the show, watch first-hand, and interview me directly – like other news media have subsequently done.

What reporter DECLINES a chance to see, hear, and ask questions of the person who is the primary focus of a LEGITIMATE news story?

Unsurprisingly, his story implied – both in the title and content – that I was teaching racist and hateful things in the classroom.

Yet, he NEVER provided ANY evidence of this.

He provided ZERO evidence of ANY impropriety at my job.

No evidence from students…No evidence from parents of students in my class…No evidence of ANY complaint from the principal or any other source.

To make sure a few things are clear:







Ironically, the only person guilty of bringing their political beliefs into the workplace is Randy Wallace at Fox 26.

He ran this politically driven hit-piece by lying and without ANY evidence supporting the basis of the “story”.

If you would like to see just how bad it was, watch this…



Needless to say, this malicious story by Randy Wallace at Fox 26 Houston caused significant damage to me both personally and professionally.

But it got worse…

Next, Quanell X of the New Black Panther Party showed up at my school to do a press conference.  He had only 1 supporter with him (not even a parent of a student in my class), yet claimed I should be fired for my political beliefs.

Again, like Randy Wallace, he provided ZERO EVIDENCE OF ANY IMPROPRIETY AT WORK.

Instead, he created a press release representing himself, the New Black Panther Party and the New Black Muslims, saying I made the following quotes which were totally fabricated.


quanell x press release defaming angela box by fabricating racial slurs



Again, these quotes were COMPLETELY false and fabricated.

Quanell X was asked for evidence to support these malicious statements, and even offered a monetary reward if he could supply proof.  He provided no such evidence, and subsequently blamed his “publicist” for the error.

Want to see for yourself?

Watch this…

angela box conservative christian houstonian fighting quanell x


Neither Randy Wallace nor Quannel X have apologized, and their defamation has caused SIGNIFICANT personal and professional harm to me.

I’ve had colleagues slam doors on me, called me a “racist” under breath, and treated me like a pariah as a result of these false claims.

In addition, several students were pulled from my classroom, and the school placed a monitor in my class to watch me the entire workday.

What’s even worse is how these despicable humans have abused my students too.  Many students were told awful things, and some even approached me asking me “Ms Box…Did you really say you hate us?”.

This is appalling and should disgust EVERYONE!

In addition to the workplace issues, this defamation has deeply affected me on a personal level.

I’ve dedicated so much of my life to helping minorities and children of all ethnicities, it’s extremely painful to see that be corrupted by the malicious words of a those using a bully pulpit.

Worst of all…after Quanell X could not prove his defamatory statements, he resorted to making veiled threats of physical violence against me and my students.

In short, Quanell X implied that my safety and those of my students were in danger because of radical members of his group/faith.

Want proof?

Watch what he said at the end of this interview below.  Then, please tell me how MY COMMENTS on a late-night political satire show are more worthy of outrage than a man implying violence against a woman AND CHILDREN?!


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Because of the threats, defamation, and lies of Quanell X, I decided to resign to remove my myself, my students, and the school from further unfair attention.

Again, MY resignation was not in ANY WAY related to performance issues and HISD gave me 3 months salary to further EVIDENCE that no improprieties had occurred.

My resignation also does not in ANY WAY mean that their efforts have succeeded in silencing me.

This has only strengthened my resolve to speak out and stand up for what’s right.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing to stop them.

Hence, I’m proceeding with legal action and also launched this blog to further my tireless fight against those who seek to take our freedoms and try to ruin this great country.

Welcome again to the site and God Bless America!

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