Harvey Weinstein: Such a Good Liberal!

My Thoughts Well, well, well. The Harvey Weinstein saga continues to unfold and explode, causing reverberations throughout Hollywood and the Democrat political world. For me, the biggest takeaway in all this filth is simple: liberals, as a whole, embrace, promote, and excuse...
Oct 18, 2017 No Comments

#Triggered: Columbus Day Edition

My Thoughts Monday was Columbus Day–or as whining, sniveling liberals like to call it now–Indigenous People’s Day. As promised, the tantruming brats of Antifa made good on their promise to deface Columbus statues–because rampant graffiti and vandalism will...
Oct 10, 2017 No Comments

The Tone-Deaf Antics of the Leftist Status Quo

My Thoughts While all the facts are not clear about the motives of Stephen Paddock, the deadliest mass killer in United States history, I am surmising he wasn’t some right-wing conservative. However, nothing stops a good leftist from immediately demanding repeal of the Second...
Oct 05, 2017 No Comments

On #Wrongthink, Boobs, and the Emmys

My Thoughts Last week, sportscaster Clay Travis (I’ve been a fan for a while now) became embroiled in a ridiculous brouhaha that has given him a lot of heat and accolades. Clay, who runs a website called OutkickTheCoverage.com, used to be a reliable Democrat. He worked on...
Sep 20, 2017 No Comments


My Thoughts Want to lose your base, Mr. President? Follow Congressional Republicans’ lead. There are few certainties in life. Circumstances change and evolve. But thankfully, there are a few things in this crazy world on which we can depend.  Water is wet, the sun will rise in...
Sep 12, 2017 No Comments

Mr. President, Beware the Schwarzenegger Effect

My Thoughts The systematic and leftist cultural takeover of American society is well underway. No longer content with working within the system and accepting results of elections, now leftists in media and various well-funded radical groups are now painting with a broad brush the...
Aug 28, 2017 No Comments

Identity Politics Comes to Charlottesville

My Thoughts Last Saturday, in Charlottesville, Virginia (a city whose mayor has called it “The Resistance” headquarters), a group of repulsive neo-Nazis got a permit for a rally to protest the city’s plans to remove a Robert E. Lee statue from a public park. They were met by (as...
Aug 16, 2017 No Comments

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